I recently attended a lecture where an agronomist who has been working with Southern California soils for decades talked about this issue. For watering your young avocado tree after planting, see this post: https://gregalder.com/yardposts/how-to-water-a-newly-planted-avocado-tree/. Would very much appreciate your thoughts on what may have happened to it. Growing avocado trees takes time, but will be worth it someday. My bigger concern is the brown spots on the big leaves. And not in any particular spot. Thanks! Thanks! Produce Sharing allows you to share your produce discoveries with Hello Greg! Thanks Greg, I’ll make sure to increase my watering frequency and keep it happy. Let me know if you get set on this off bloom. I thought I was overwatering, so checked the soil and found tons and tons of what I think are root aphids. Theres not reeds or other more oily avocados around now so that argument isnt very useful. The panicles I can just leave alone right? New leaves, which have inverted and are curling upward from the edges. It was just as lousy as a Bacon. Is that good practice? My other B type I grew from a seed. I love the pics and videos too! If much of the tree’s roots are in soggy soil the leaves will start to show chlorosis like yours because the roots can’t take up nutrients properly without oxygen. I’m a little worried since I think my tree is getting burnt, or maybe something like fungus is going on since I planted a 5g tree in sunny East LA. If you’ve had similar problems due to overwatering, do you have any idea how long does the recovery process last? I also recently purchased a grow light for the plants from Amazon that is on for 9 hours a day (Images 7 and 8). Could be many things going on, some of which wouldn’t be anything to worry about. Judging by shape – yes, they resemble avocado leaves. Specialty Produce App and let others know about unique flavors that An exception might be if you live in a location that gets too cold to grow such a variety. I have some guesses as to the problem based on your informative page here, but nothing lines up exactly. Southern California food gardening calendar for 2021, See this page for information on identifying and managing avocado mites, “How to plant and stake an avocado tree.”, “Avocado leaves turning brown? I am so glad I didn’t! It’s indoor and the other avocado trees I’ve started in the same way have been doing great, it’s just this little pink one that’s struggling. About a month ago you helped me identify senescing leaves on my Reed. The above photo shows a young Sharwil avocado tree that is signalling thirst. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Much appreciated! When is your Cadway’s harvest season? Thanks Greg. A lot of leaves fall on avocados at this time of year, just as new leaves start to grow. No need to worry about the fact this tree will come via the post as it will be expertly packaged so that it arrives in good condition. The next morning it’s always perky again and it looks like it grows a bit too. I was rinsing every morning, then went to once a week, then went back to every morning. I sent a photo to a seasoned avocado grower and he wrote back, “This is leaf senescence. The leafs turned yellow in the last month with a very intensive blooming. If not, if it was grown from seed, then it is a unique avocado and you can give it whatever name you like. Please provide your zipcode to see the available trees. Also there was dieback on two smaller branches which I trimmed off.


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