node Data Core Software Data Direct Device Logics Dogtown Media Dove Tree Canyon Software Elite Computers Follow Per Click Fortress Computer Pros Golden Source Grey Matter Technical Services Iomega Corporation Lavastorm Analytics Learn Academy Max Computers New Pacific Technology Night Coders Owls Computer Repair Portfolium, Inc. Quantum PC Tech Reply Media Selectronic Sharp Systems Silicon Systems Smart Computer Service Tech Idea The Chip Merchant The Computer Factory Wasatch I.T. Conveniently for us, many computer programming languages were given people names, including those in this list of techie baby names with no ID following the name. She later settled with Mikayla, which is less horrific. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin named their daughter Apple. Did you like our list of technology baby names? Lisa is the name of the first personal computer with a graphical interface made by Apple. Code Fellas 11. Power Macintosh/Macintosh Performa 62XX/63XX,,,,,,,,,, Articles with dead external links from March 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2007, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 4Course — Sun 4 × 1.05 GB 3.5" SCSI2 disks in Dinnerbox+ package, Banias — Intel 1st generation Pentium M processors, Barcelona — AMD Opteron "K10" architecture, Barracuda — Opera 11.10 browser (Also A hard drive series from Seagate), Beagle — Novell Linux desktop search and metadata technology due with SLES 10, Blackbeard — Sun PCI SCSI hardware RAID controller, Bladerunner — Sun GUI for Jumpstart profiles, Blue Box — Apple Mac OS compatibility layer for Rhapsody, BraveHawk 200 DC3 — HP-9000 K370/K570 - 898, Brimstone — Adobe Photoshop 2.5 for Windows, Brugge — MCNLive CD Linux released May 3, 2005, Bulldozer — codename for the server and desktop processors released on October 12, 2011 by AMD, Calistoga — Intel chipsets for Napa platforms, Camelot — Sun product family name for Arthur, Excalibur, Morgan, Campfire+ — Sun Ultra Enterprise 4500 and 5500, Campus2+ — Sun SPARCStation 10SX and 10BSX, Carrera — CPU card in Sun—3/140, 3/150, 3/160, 3/180, Chrysalis Client — Sun skinny Solaris OS for Intel-based NC, ClawHammer — AMD Athlon 64 S754 130 nm processor, ClickOnce — Microsoft technology to speed application deployment in Longhorn, Clovertown — Intel Xeon 5300 series processors, Colorado II — Sun 125 MHz HyperSPARC HS21, Colorado III — Sun 150 MHz HyperSPARC SM151, Columbia — Sun 4-Disk 1.3GB IPI Elite disk tray, Combo — Sun SPARCStorage MultiPack and MultiPack 2, Companion — Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300c, Conroe — Intel desktop processor based on Merom, Copland — Apple Mac OS Rewrite (cancelled), Coppermine — Intel Pentium 3 180 nm processor, Copperriver — Intel chipsets based on Grantsdale/Alderwood models, Corona — Microsoft Windows Media Player 9, Covington — Intel Celeron without L2 cache, Crescendo DC-440 — HP-9000 A400-44 / rp2400, Crescendo DC-W2 — HP-9000 A440-6X / rp2430, Crescendo 650 W2 — HP-9000 A500-6X / rp2470, Crescendo 750 W2 — HP-9000 A500-7X / rp2470, Crestine — Intel motherboard system logic, Cyclone — Tandem NonStop RISC (Later HP NonStop), Dartanian — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 180, Darwin — Low-Level Unix layer of Apple Mac OS X, Darwin — Sun PCI-based Ultra workstations, DBLite — Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo 210/230, Delorean — Sun 72" StorEdge Expansion Cabinet, Derringer — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100, Detroit — Microsoft Windows 95's cancelled successor, Dilbert — Sun SCSI2 RAID5 Storage, StorEdge A1000, StorEdge D1000, Dothan — Intel Pentium M 700-series 90 nm processor, Dobra Voda — KDE 3.2 Beta 2 ("dobra voda" is Czech for "good water"), Duracell — Sun PDB 1.2 on Ultra Enterprise 2, East Fork — Intel digital home PC platform, Echo Lake — XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) 4.0, Einstein — Sun Ultra 5 360/440, Ultra 10 440/480, Elixir — Apple Macintosh Performa 6300–6360, Emerald — Microsoft Systems Management Server, Emerald — Sun cPCI Dual Differential Ultra SCSI, Energizer — Sun SPARCServer 1000PDB, SPARCCenter 2000PDB, Equinox — XMetaL Author, XMetaL Developer, and XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) 4.6 Service Pack 1, Escher — Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo 270c, Eveready — Sun E1000 dual AC power grid option, Excalibur — Apple Power Macintosh LC 5400, Excalibur — Sun Multiprocessor UltraSPARC III, Falcon — Microsoft Message Transaction Service, Fanwood — Intel Itanium 2 1.6 GHz processor, Fanwood LV — Intel low voltage Itanium 2 1.3 GHz processor, Fester — RIAA project to announce downloads at RIAA servers, Fisher — Red Hat Linux 7.0.90 (reference to, Flagship — Apple Power Macintosh 8100/110, Foster — Intel Xeon 180 nm processor (Pentium 4-based), Freestyle — Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Freeze — RIAA project to remotely hang computers searching for MP3 files, Galaxy — Sun SPARCServer 600MP, 630MP, 670MP, 690MP, Galiano — XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) 4.0 Service Pack 4, Galileo — Microsoft Enterprise Studio for .NET, Galileo — Sun Ultra 10 cancelled replacement, Gallatin — Intel Xeon MP or Pentium 4 Extreme Edition w/ 2MB L3 cache, Gaston 2 — Intel wireless Ethernet technology, Gemini — Sun UltraSPARC dual processor CPU due in 2004, Gemini-64 — SCO project to adapt UnixWare to 64-bit processors, General Protection Fault — Lunar Linux 1.4.0, Genie — Sun browser-based tool for Solaris, Godzilla — Sun Ultra 10 cancelled replacement, Grantsdale — Intel i915P and i915G chipsets, Greenwich — Microsoft Office 2003 real-time collaboration, Grimoire — Sorcerer Linux current unstable, Gryphon — Microsoft Windows CE 2.01, Palm PC 1.0, Guinness — Silicon Graphics Indy Workstation, Haarlem — MCNLive CD Linux released February 13, 2005, Harpertown — Intel Xeon 5400 series processors, Hermes — Microsoft Windows CE 2.11 for Webphones, Hobo — Sun 4800b keyboard/mouse for Gypsy, HotJava — Sun web browser written in Java, Hydra — Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition, Hyperbolic — Apple Power Macintosh with an Exponential, ICE-T — Sun Java front-end development tool client/server C/C++ apps, — (I Can't Say Nothing), Indigo — Microsoft .NET communication technologies, Infinite Improbability Drive — TransGaming WineX 3.3, Instatower — Apple Macintosh Performa 6400, Irwindale — Intel Xeon 90 nm processor w/ 2MB L2 cache, Italy — AMD Opteron 200-series 90 nm dual-core processor, Jasper — Sun StorEdge PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Adapter, Javelin — Sun 2 CPU PCI midrange workgroup server, Jayhawk — Intel Xeon processor based on Tejas; project cancelled, JeDI — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 150 ("Just Did It"), Jeeves — Sun Java-powered Internet Server software (Java Web Server), Jonah — Intel 3rd generation Pentium M core (also known as Yonah), Jupiter — Microsoft Windows CE 2.11, Handheld PC Professional (3.0), Jupiter — Microsoft XML-based web services products, Kansas — Apple Power Macintosh 8600 and 9600, Katmai — Intel Pentium 3 250 nm processor, Kelowna — XMetaL Author 4.0 Service Pack 1, Klamath — Intel Pentium 2 350 nm processor, Krakatoa — Sun GUI/deskset tools for JavaStation, HotJava Views, Lady Kenmore — Apple Macintosh Performa 200, Ladner — XMetaL Developer 4.0 Service Pack 1, LaGrande — Intel's security features in new processors, Landshark — HP 9000 PA-RISC 8600 processor PCX-W+, Leadville — Sun StorEdge network foundation software, Liberation — White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0, Lightweight — Sun NEBS-compliant Ultra server, Limbo — Red Hat Linux 7.3.29 / 7.3.93 / 7.3.94, Love Shack — Apple Macintosh Portable (backlit), Luzon — Sun TDMA IWF for Lucent Technologies, Macintosh IIce — Apple Macintosh Quadra 700, Macintosh IIex — Apple Macintosh Quadra 900, Macintosh IIvm — Apple Macintosh Performa 600, MACIO — Sun Ethernet, Parallel and SCSI ASIC chip, Madison — Intel Itanium 2 130 nm processor w/ up to 6MB L3 cache, Madison 9M — Intel Itanium 2 130 nm processor w/ 9MB L3 cache, Main Street — Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3/350-400, Manchester — AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor w/ 2*512KB L2 cache, Manila — AMD Sempron 90 nm processor (Socket AM2 w/ DDR2-667), Mantaray — Sun-4/370 deskside, 12-slot pedestal system, Marathon — Intel 2700G graphics accelerator, Marblehead — XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) 4.0 Service Pack 1, Matterhorn2 — Sun ACL 4/100, ETL 4/1800, StorEdge L1800, Meerkat — Sun Serengeti System Controller board, Mendocino — Intel Celeron 250 nm processor with L2 cache, Mercury — Microsoft Windows CE 2.0, Handheld PC 2.0, Merlin — Microsoft Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC 2002, Merom — Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor, Mighty Cat — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 2400c, Millington — Intel dual—core two-way Itanium 2 processor due mid-2005, Montana — Apple Power Macintosh 8600 and 9600, Montvale — Intel successor to Montecito processors due 2007, Moonshine — Sun backplane bus for 12 and 16 slot chassis, also Fedora 7 Linux, Moosehead — Silicon Graphics O2 Workstation, Mozilla — Netscape Navigator (since spun off as its own name and browser), Mr. Coffee — Sun 1st generation JavaStation 1, Mulligan — Apple Macintosh Portable (backlit), Mustang — Red Hat Linux 4.9 / 4.9.1 / 4.96, Mustang — Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 6.0 (due 2006), Nashville — Microsoft Windows 96 (discontinued), Nautilus — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 2400c, Nehalem — Intel's 45 nm Technology Process, Neptune — Microsoft Windows 2000 Home Edition (cancelled), Nevada — Apple Power Macintosh 9500/180-200, Newcastle — AMD Athlon 64 processor with 512KB L2 cache, Niagara — Sun UltraSPARC 8-processor CPU, successor to Gemini, due in 2005, Northwood — Intel Pentium 4 130 nm processor, Odin — TinySofa Enterprise Server Linux 2.0, Odyssey — Microsoft Windows 2000's cancelled successor, Omega — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 190/190c, Orbit — Sun SolarNet PC-X terminal software, Orleans — AMD Athlon 64 90 nm processor (Socket AM2 w/ DDR2-667), Osoyoos — XMetaL Author and Developer 4.0 Trial Version, Osprey — Sun Millennium-based workgroup server, Pacifica — AMD processor virtualizat ion features, Palermo — AMD Sempron S754 90 nm processor, Palladium — Microsoft Next Generation Secure Computing Base (Microsoft Codename Longhorn component), Palomino — AMD Athlon XP/MP 180 nm processor, Paris — AMD Sempron S754 130 nm processor, Penryn — Intel Core 2 "Core architecture" 45 nm die shrink with SSE4, Persistence — TinySofa Enterprise Linux 2.0-pre3, Phoenix — Apple Power Macintosh LC 5420/5500, Photon — Sun Enterprise Network Array A5000, Pike's Peak — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 145B, Piltdown Man — Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60, Pineapple — Sun PCI framebuffer/graphics for U30, Pismo — Apple PowerBook G3 (version with Firewire Ports), Pluto — Sun SPARCStorage Array Model 101, 102, 112, Power Express — Apple Power Macintosh G3 Pro, Prelude — Sun Solaris/Workshop for Objects, Prescott — Intel Pentium 4 500 series, successor to Northwood, Presler — Intel Pentium 4 6×1 series, successor to Prescott-2M, Project Needlemouse — Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Puffin — Google desktop search application, Q88 — Apple Mac Mini (headless affordable mac), Q97 — Apple FireWire interface for GarageBand, Quadra 1000 — Apple Macintosh Quadra 840av, QuattroXL — Sun QuadFastEthernet SBus Excel, Raphsody DC-360 — HP-9000 L1000-36 / rp5400, Raphsody DC-440 — HP-9000 L1000-44 / rp5400, Rapier — Microsoft Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC 2000, Rawhide — Red Hat Linux unstable development tree, Replacements — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 140, Rhapsody — Apple Mac OS X Server 1.0 and enterprise OS, Road Warrior — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 170, Roadracer — Sun graphics card (GXi) for Sun386i, Rocky — Sun deskside system enclosure package, San Diego — AMD Athlon 64/FX S939 90 nm processor, Santa Rosa — Intel Centrino 4th-generation, Seam — Sun p4bus Greyscale/Mono Frame Buffer, Severn — aborted Red Hat Linux 10 (transferred to the Fedora project), Shame — RIAA project to distribute viruses in MP3 files, Shelton — Intel Banias with no L2 cache (aka Banias-0), Sherlock — Apple internet information retrieval application, Sherlock — Sun Answerbook viewable via HTML, Sherman — Sun SPARCServer Voyager motherboard, Show & Tell — Apple Macintosh Performa 630, Show & Tell — Apple Macintosh Quadra 630–638, Show Biz — Apple Macintosh Quadra 630–638, Silence — RIAA project to scan computers for MP3 files and delete them, Silverdale — Intel processor virtualization features, Sirius — Sun CPU card in Sun-3/260, 3/280, SLAVIO — Sun external serial port ASIC chip, SledgeHammer — AMD Athlon 64 FX S940 processor, Slipstream — Sun 1/2" HP Front Load Tape Drive, Smithfield — Intel Pentium D dual-core processor, Snowball — Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Solarnet — Sun PCLAN admin utilities for PC enterprise users, Spam — Sun SX imaging accelerator ASIC on motherboard, Speedbump 610 — Apple Macintosh Quadra 610, Speedbump 650 — Apple Macintosh Quadra 650, Speedway — Sun tools for optimized Java apps, Spruce Goose — Apple Macintosh PowerBook 540, Spud — Sun 688 MB drive in expansion pedestal, Sputnik — uOS — The Micro Operating System 0.81, Starbucks — Apple Workgroup Server 6150/60, 8150/80, 9150/80, Steam — Online video game distribution store and gamer network, Stinger — Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 for Smart Phones (, Stingrack — datacenter enclosure for Sun-4/390, 4/490, Stingray — deskside enclosure for Sun-4/330, Stoned Beaver — Linux kernel 2.6.0-test10, Strange Cargo — Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and 5.5, Suck — RIAA project to DOS sites offering MP3 files, Summit — Apple Workgroup Server 7250/120, 8550/132, SunDragon — Sun next generation JavaStation, SunFiler — Sun E220R + 1 -2 A1000 + Solaris 7 (StorEdge N8200), SunLink PC — Sun TotalNet Advanced Server software, SunRay 1 — Syn Network Computer desktop system, SunScreen — Sun SPF100 hardware/software firewall, SunSwift — Sun SBus 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet and Fast/wide SCSI2, Supernami — Sun 66 MHz+ microSPARC II chip, Taj Mahal — FARA on Steroids Active Measures Analytics, Tanner — Intel Pentium 3 Xeon 250 nm processor, Tanzania — Apple Power Macintosh 4400/7220, Tattle — RIAA project to scan computers and report them as pirates, Tejas — Intel processors due Q2 2005 and now cancelled, Teragrid — Distributed Terascale Facility, Texas — hacking movement in a Mexican high school operated by PLhackers, The Considerable Duck — GNOME 2.0.2 Desktop RC1, Thoroughbred — AMD Athlon XP 130 nm processor, Thunderbird — Red Hat Linux 4.8 / 4.8.1 / 4.95, Tiger Mountain — Adobe Photoshop 3.0 for Mac, Tillamook — Intel Mobile Pentium with MMX, TNT — Apple Power Macintosh 7500 ("The New Tesseract"), Today is gonna be the day — T2 Linux 2.1.0-beta, Tofino — XMetaL Author 4.0 Service Pack 2, Topaz — Microsoft Systems Management Server, Topcat — Sun microSPARC IIi + 256K cache module for Topdog, Toro — Sun Differential SCSI Expansion Pedestal, Trail — XMetaL 4.5 Service Pack 3 (XMetaL Author, Developer, XMAX and Central), Trailblazer — Apple Power Macintosh LC 5200, Transformer — Apple Macintosh Performa 5200, Transformer — Apple Power Macintosh LC 5200, TRex — Seagate/IBM DFHP-34320 4.2 GB 1.6" 7200 rpm disk, Tribble — Sun SPARCClassicX Rev 2.0 software, Tualatin — Intel Pentium III 130 nm processor, Tukwila — Intel processors due 2006 (formerly called Tanglewood), TurboGX — Sun single SBus GX card with faster 2D/3D vector, TwinPeaks — Sun Java interface to C/C++ library generator, Ucluelet — XMetaL Developer 4.0 Service Pack 2, UltraPenguin — Sun port of Linux 2.2 kernel for UltraSPARC, Union Bay — XMetaL 4.6 (XMetaL Author, Developer and XMAX), Valkyrie — SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.1 Rev B), Vanderpool — Intel Virtualization Technology, Venice— AMD Athlon 64 90 nm processor w/ 512KB L2 cache, Vegas — Sun Aurora Technology 7-slot PCI Expander, Venus — AMD Opteron 100 series processors, Vernon — XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) 4.0 Service Pack 2, Vertex-TX — second generation vulcan elite CPU, Viper — Ross Technology 64-bit SPARC processor, Vishera — AMD's Update to Bullzoder Released Oct 2012, VLX — Tandem NonStop 4th Generation (Later HP NonStop), Wall Street — Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3.


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