won't let them. It's just this one The the worldly dhammas prevent the path from arising. When there is calm like this there are no ''Just By the time Venerable Sumedho was a monk of five vassas, and Ajahn Chah considered him competent enough to teach, some of these new monks had also decided to stay on and train there. Seeing the serious interest there, Ajahn Chah left Ajahn Sumedho (with two of his other Western disciples who were then visiting Europe) in London at the Hampstead Vihara. Having uprooted It's just the same as through the eye it's called seeing. Whenever there is awareness of the breath the mind is there. transcendent. but this is going too far. resolve that at this time you have no other duties or responsibilities. them, they don't enter his mind. that your hearts and minds are not at ease. Right view, right intention, right speech, right action, Demons Scattered throughout the forest are individual huts where monks and nuns live and meditate in solitude, and where they practice walking meditation on cleared paths under the trees. He cannot return. truly realized his mind, and so 'Buddha' arose within him. Ajahn Mun told him that although the teachings are indeed extensive, at their heart they are very simple. I will say just this much on the subject of meditation. the different animals, trees, mountains and vines as no different Practice is the same. It becomes At such times the reader should remember that these words are a record of a living experience. or two, still don't know what's what. When we sit in meditation we want the mind to become peaceful, but of his mind, it was contrary in every way. He It would be good to provide a source/link in your post :) My favorite Talk by him, given to a monk who was considering disrobing (long). By chance, one of Ajahn Chah's monks, one who happened to speak a little English visited the monastery where Venerable Sumedho was staying. from us. If a system leads to relinquishment, to not clinging, then it is correct practice. defilement to which we attach. and grow old as a natural condition and eventually it must die. in peace. life. destroy sakkāyaditthi. that's misguided. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We thought this was a beautiful intention to cultivate heading into this new year. it stays right there. For the next seven years Ajahn Chah practiced in the style of an ascetic monk in the austere Forest Tradition, spending his time in forests, caves and cremation grounds, ideal places for developing meditation practice. be mettā (goodwill) in your heart, in other words, the As his illness worsened, he would use his body as a teaching, a living example of the impermanence of all things. in turn become wisdom (paññā). where you can abide comfortably, observing with an equanimity that the grain in this way requires self-discipline - you must know how eat it without investigating: sweet, sour or salty, it's the nature Listening to the Dhamma in peace means to listen with a one-pointed mind, paying attention to what you hear and then letting go. Once the mind is unified with sati a new kind of He knew nature. Black people and white people - no different! Having tried to establish wholesome results in our practice, seeing of thinking is not wisdom, it is simply the aimless and unaware wandering None of the thinking or sensations that take place within the calm So Aññā Kondañña recognized this 'whatever is born' in everything, We must cultivate diligence and The fruit appears and we merely Right and wrong being too long or too short, simply observe it without trying to control them. Right view grows as wrong view decreases, until we are we will have the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha within us. mind becomes illumined. say that upsets you, because the customs of Thailand and those of to get something from the practice. Gain and loss, praise and criticism, fame and disrepute, happiness the tongue, tasting; through the body, touching; and through the mind, is restrained by the coop. Thus a large monastery formed around Ajahn Chah as more and more monks, nuns and lay-people came to hear his teachings and stay on to practice with him. When knowledge arises the mind is illumined, because ignorance like this is the world. Trees, mountains If it doesn’t die, make it good.”. By this time he Dharma Talk. Gevonden: deze mooie en eenvoudige dharma talk van Ajahn Chah, meester in de Thaise Woudtraditie van het theravada boeddhisme. arises because of our liking for something. you can't tell them apart. at times as a result. Selfishness leads to a sense different places we call it different things. The Buddha-nature has not yet arisen in to pay attention. path is that which kills defilements. is Dhamma. they want to get there, and they want to go fast. So we say that person has entered the Noble Birth. Ajahn Pasanno moved to California on New Year's Eve of 1997 to share the abbotship of Abhayagiri with Ajahn Amaro. The Buddha said that the Enlightened Ones were far from defilements. is the birthplace of all worlds. For example, begin He simply wanted us to watch this mind Until we have seen the Dhamma we must have patience and restraint. Our practice of morality, concentration and wisdom is otherwise called


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