These templates save hours of guitar building time. If you're going to build a great guitar, you need great tools. Perfect for custom builds. THE BODY This is where your guitar starts to take shape. In the last article I mentioned how making a template for the neck was only necessary if you’re going to make more than one copy of your guitar. How to build an Electric Guitar Part 2. and shipping weight. Perfect for the full time luthier or part time novice guitar builder. Pit Bull Guitars ATL-1 Electric Guitar Kit A Series, DIY Guitar Kits, F Type Guitar Kit, TL Style Kits AUD $ 155.00. All of my templates got everything to complete a finished instrument. Some made in the USA in our custom shop. Trace the template over your cardboard, then cut. Whether you are a professional guitar builder, a hobbyist or a complete novice templates will make your life much easier. 65.00. This was one of the first plans drawn up in the range, and is in the older A1 size. After you have finnished your design you will need to trace it onto the wood that you are going to use for the template or body. Make a Custom Guitar With Custom Templates: If you are just getting into building musical instruments or a professional luthier you should know that a good template is always the starting point to building a great instrument. You’ll need a template to act as a guide for your router when cleaning up the sides after cutting out the body. 32" (800mm) Scale length 22.5" (571.5mm) 19/16" (40mm) 4" (100mm) Guide your flush bit router around our templates without second guessing! For full template sets, I chose 1/2" MDF as a good balance between extra thickness (say no to 1/4" templates!) Step 3 Now glue one of your strips on the guitar and let dry. All templates are CAD drawn, and Laser cut on 1/4" MDF for accuracy and durability! Turn your guitar on the other side and glue on the other strip for reinforcement. The simple set neck design is VERY effective, think Les Paul junior for sound quality. Maple Electric Guitar Neck Blank $25.00 Shop Now. Step 2 Cut two rectangles strips 1 1/2″x 16″ each. make a template of the body’s shape. However, that doesn‘t mean that the instrument lacks anything a lap steel guitar needs, and it can be played just as well as any other lap steel instrument. Pit Bull Guitars DHB-4 Semi-Hollow Electric Bass Guitar Kit Bass Guitar Kits, D Series, DIY Guitar Kits AUD $ 269.00. A solid blank of tonewood that you can get from online retailers like Catalina Guitars can run anywhere in the price range of $70 to $250 depending on what wood you use. When you have an idea of the body and neck you want, you might consider looking online for a template. Pit Bull Guitars GJM-1 Electric Guitar Kit (Mahogany) DIY Guitar Kits, G Series, G Type Guitar Kit, New Kits, Other Electric Guitar Kits AUD $ 319.00. This was one of the first plans drawn up in the range, and is in the older A1 size. When building guitars one of the important factors is accuracy. 1958-1960 Les Paul Top Maple Carving Template set. Templates for building your own Guitar accurately! All of my guitar templates made with special care that allow you to completely finish your build without any problems. If you are making multiple guitars or copies of a specific guitar that accuracy will also need to be consistent. They are durable and provide an easy tracing to wood. plan_015_de_vine_solid_electric_guitar.pdf: File Size: 523 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Building a Bravewood… (Vintage Guitar Replica) How to build an electric guitar (or at least my version of it) Guitar Making Tutorials > 5 Electric Guitar Building Videos How to Build an Electric Guitar part 1. A template can greatly … Strat Body Template. BYO Custom Shop ST Body $139.00 Shop Now. Trust 7. The JAG doublecut is a solid mahogany electric guitar for 2 x P90 pickups.I called it Devine, because it has a vine inlay. Life, the Universe and Guitar Building Templates. 1958-1960 Les Paul Top Maple Carving Template set Just like most lutiers in the past I hand cut an shaped my templa… Wudtone Body Finishing Kit - Azure Lagoon $46.50 Shop Now. 41 Electric Guitar CAD Drawings. The simple set neck design is VERY effective, think Les Paul junior for sound quality. Autocad Guitar Templates. BYOGuitar offers a wide range of "Build Your Own" Guitar kits. Have all your supplies ready, including the guitar printed and cut-out template. Simple lap steel guitar I call this lap steel guitar simple because it is basi-cally just a blank with strings attached. Aside from simply cutting the body shape, you need to route out space for all of the components in the guitar. The JAG doublecut is a solid mahogany electric guitar for 2 x P90 pickups.I called it Devine, because it has a vine inlay. Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. Consider buying a template. Step 4 Black Conductive Shielding Paint $11.99 Shop Now. Electric Guitar Kit- Lunatic Style $189.00 Shop Now. The body, however, is a different story. Templates made out of 0.5" thick MDF. All my guitar building templates are either 1/2" or 3/4" MDF, with engraved center lines.


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