... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences, Shaping life. Dreaming about a pot generally represents a wife, a livelihood and a home. To see or use cooking oil in your dream represents a smooth transition.. To dream of cooking oil represents your wish to avoid hassles as you prepare for a waking life situation. Mystic Dream Book, Symbolic of total destruction, Jer. Everything you need in in place for a special future moment. The Complete Dream Book, Dreams of pottery represent that you are realizing that the power to manifest the life of your dreams lies in your hands. If the new crescent appears in its correct position in a dream, it means begetting a blessed son or receiving an important appointment or profits from one’s business. Empty casserole pot in a dream means that is always good to save for the bad times. / When you buy a pot, this dream symbolizes that you are ready to help your family with any problems that arise. If the pot looks in a good condition and of value in one’s dream, then it represents his nobility and honor. Dreaming ceramics or plain clay, but empty, he hints that his misbehavior annoys those around you. A cooking pot in a dream also represents one’s relentlessness toward his enemy. It also represents the start of some new project or a fresh outlook in life. Dreaming of cooking on a stove indicates that soon problems will diminish. Dreaming of cooking food – If you dreamed of cooking food for someone or just for yourself, that dream is often a bad sign, possibly indicating conflicts and disagreements you might soon experience. If it is a Thursday, it means a prosperous year, except for the livestock. If he cooks the fat with it in a dream, it means that he will earn unlawful money. A woman who dreams his tackle dirty cooking hints that nature dislikes sentimental approach, but if they appear clean and ready for use, indicates that romantic relationships improve. Example: A woman dreamed of New Year's Eve. To dream that you are eating rice, denotes happiness and tranquility at home. The devouring mother or woman; the devouring unconscious, animalistic but also comic. Cooking Oil / In particular, to see or eat beef stew in your dream indicates that you need to incorporate aspects of your childhood into your adult life. -full And fire portends interesting news. Dreaming of a kitchen indicates surprising situations that will bother the dreamer. Symbolize the potential for creativity and will depend on what the seeds of our dream happen, as where the sow and development, sense of prognosis. See Mud.... Strangest Dream Explanations. To dream that you’re cutting slices of ham suggests that you’ll finally have control over all resistance and obstacles that you’re facing. If the food is burnt or not cooked, then it warns you that you have much to learn in order to succeed…. If one sees himself castrated in a dream, it means that he will gain power and fame. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams. It is also associated with the idea of fertility. Full and over the fire portends interesting news. A dream of meeting Harry Potter implies that you have a challenging path ahead of you, but if you follow your heart, you can overcome any obstacle. To dream that you cannot complete the sexual act is a sign of a feeling of impotence; the basic problem is that you feel a lack of enthusiasm and energy to face a situation. One that could potentially cause a problem if you are not careful. A woman that dreams of her kitchen being clean and organized hints that her life in the immediate future will be pleasant.Read more…, To see or use cooking oil, when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance of conversion. A pot in a dream also could represent a housekeeper. The appearance of the new moon or crescent in the wrong position, such as in the South or the North in a dream means committing or witnessing a despicable action that arouses abhorrence and that may die quickly, depending on how long will that new crescent remain in that position. Use caution in money and professional matters (as in “haven’t got a pot to piss in”).


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