Lemon oil is not acidic nor is it alkaline. Because it’s a musical instrument, anything you apply to a guitar’s wooden parts can, over time, potentially have an effect on the sound quality. If you are struggling to make a choice, go for boiled linseed oil. That invariably results in an expensive visit to a luthier like myself for extensive repair work. Fretboard 65 is specially formulated to clean away grime and return your guitar's fretboard to … The idea behind each of them is to protect your guitar from grime, sweat or any other potential “dangerous” thing that might damage it. Like I said, that finish is meant to look “vintage”… so I wouldn’t recommend any heavy duty cleaning with polishes and whatnot. So, you really can’t get oil into the wood even if you wanted to: it’s sealed. No matter which product you choose, you will need to use only a small amount of it while oiling to avoid drowning wood. I used pure lemon oil on a Patrick Eggle guitar with rosewood fretboard, and never had any issue concerning crackling fretboard, destroyed frets glue or anything else. In this case I wanted a real citrus oil that would polymerize eventually and dry up and harden a bit (esp. Dunlop 6554 Fretboard Lemon Oil El aceite de limón ayuda a limpiar los diapasones siempre y cuando los mantengamos con regularidad sin dejar que se acumule la suciedad (en ese caso hay que aplicar otros productos), a la vez que lo nutre para que la madera no se reseque ni sufra en caso de tener que manipular el alma para calibrar el mástil. Do NOT use any kind of lemon oil on your maple fretboard–regardless of whether the product contains actual lemon oil or not. If you dab a cloth with a tiny amount of linseed oil and apply it sparingly once a year, that is going to be sufficient. Just a single small dot of oil on each fret is plenty… then buff off any excess oil. You’ll sometimes see it labeled as “essential oil.”. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. In addition, it protects from future grime on your fretboard. Tous les avis sur Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil. Why? Pure lemon oil, at 100% strength, should NOT be used on guitar fretboards, Pure, full-strength lemon oil, cold-pressed directly from lemon peel, is indeed bad for your guitar’s fretboard. It’s like someone dropped some acid or bleach on it. Conversely, rosewood and ebony fretboards are usually fixed on to another piece of wood that makes up the neck. But even if you play only at home, all of the temperature changes will leave a tiny mark on the wood of the instrument. Second, most maple fretboards do have a thin finish on them–to seal against sweat, dirt, etc. Francisco. It’s bad for business. My other half, Tom, who is an active member of the Guild Guitar Forum said that is what most of them recommended. It’s not out of the ordinary for a company’s website to have incorrect or outdated information on it–it happens to the best of ’em. 0,05 €. I can’t say with 100% certainty that “furniture” lemon oils are bad for your fretboard, but play it safe and just avoid them. Use our fret calculator. Guitar Strings: Why do my strings keep breaking in the same place on the neck? “Satin” can mean many things. 70 Awesome Gifts For Guitar Players - The Ultimate List. They’re telling you it’s okay to use one of the many guitar lemon oils out there which are made for guitar fretboards; those which contain very little (if any) pure lemon oil. I have a huge passion for rock music and I extremely enjoy playing it. Maple fret boards are sealed with a gloss or semi gloss finish and the lemon oil won't penetrate the wood like it does on rosewood or ebony.


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