By summer 1906, Dr. Salmon began working in South America as head of the veterinary school at the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he organized the veterinary department and led it for five years. 1871: University faculty passes a resolution requiring four years of study for a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVS) degree and an additional two years for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), a degree previously unavailable from any institution in the United States. 2015:  College forges Hong Kong veterinary education partnership. Dr. Raymond Williams 1876: Salmon earns the first DVM degree in the country. She moved the next year to England. A number of leading male physicians supported their clinic by acting as consulting physicians. Jane Hinton (1919–2003) was one of the first two African-American women to gain the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1949). We honor Dr. Johnson Webb as a pioneer in our field and a champion of justice and democracy. [2] The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, which establishes the best international laboratory standards, adopted the Kirby-Bauer technique using Mueller-Hinton agar as the gold standard for antibiotic testing. UF Health is a collaboration of the University of Florida Health Science Center, Shands hospitals and other health care entities. This venture helped to inspire the creation of the United States Sanitary Commission, and the Blackwells worked with this organization as well. 2017: College launches Cornell's first Masters of Public Health Program. 1894: The New York State Veterinary College is established at Cornell. The history of teaching veterinary medicine at Cornell predates the establishment of the College in 1894. Attend topical CE meetings on subjects including animal welfare, wellbeing, economics, and public policy. … Ultimately, we really became friends.”, Only two of the seven women bold enough to enter the Michigan State University veterinary program graduated and became veterinarians. Theobald Smith, Fred Kilborn, and Cooper Curtice discover the transmission of disease by arthropod vectors. Thanks to Dr. Sarah Beatty for recommending Dr. Johnson Webb for our series), This page uses Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy), Learn more about Frederick Douglass Patterson. Even before he became bureau chief, Dr. Salmon promoted the germ theory of disease, and he detailed experiments that proved that multiplying microorganisms caused fowl cholera. She then served as a professor of biology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T) from 1959-1978. The Veterinary Leadership Conference draws veterinarians from across the U.S. for education sessions that help develop leaders for the veterinary profession. She trained at a hospital in the Boston area, may have served in the Army Nurses’ Corps during World War I, and later worked at the State University Hospital in Oklahoma City, where she spent the remainder of her career. There’s no better place to network, learn, and meet up with the friends and colleagues who make veterinary medicine so rewarding. In the 1960s, tests indicated its suitability for detecting whether bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics. 1908: First veterinary ambulatory clinic in the country is established by Professor Walter Williams and Dr. James Frost. Learn more about Dr. Earl H. Rippie, Jr. (Special thanks to Shonte Bishop for recommending Dr. Rippie and to Jess Martini for crafting the profile), Dr. Alfreda Johnson Webb was born in 1923 in Mobile, Alabama. [3] This agar was a medium developed to isolate the Neisseria bacteria that caused gonorrhea and meningogoccal meningitis. [8][9][10] William and Ada married in 1909,[7] and had two daughters, Jane and Ann Hinton Jones. 1912: The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (which would later become the Animal Health Diagnostic Center) is established, one of the first of its kind in the nation. She returned to Massachusetts and renovated a stable in Newtonville in which she opened a small-animal hospital. Quotes From Pioneer Physician Elizabeth Blackwell, Daniel Hale Williams, Heart Surgery Pioneer, Biography of Florence Nightingale, Nursing Pioneer, Biography of Sarah Parker Remond, North American 19th-Century Black Activist, Black Women Who Have Run for President of the United States, Get to Know These 91 Famous Female Scientists, A Brief History of Women in Higher Education, Biography of Lucy Stone, Black Activist and Women's Rights Reformer, M.Div., Meadville/Lombard Theological School. The Society was the first to apply scientific principles to the treatment of animals. I guess I was naive.”. 1974: First practical test for diagnosis of canine brucellosis developed at the Baker Institute. 2001: First gene therapy to restore sight in congenitally blind dog conducted by Baker Institute scientists. Elizabeth Blackwell went to Henderson, Kentucky, as a teacher, and then to North and South Carolina, where she taught school while reading medicine privately. After completing a bachelor of science degree at the Tuskegee Institute (now University) she attended the Tuskegee Institute College of Veterinary Medicine. Law brought with him a commitment to rigorous training for veterinarians. She and Alfreda Johnson Webb, who graduated with a VMD from the Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) that year, were the first African-American women veterinarians. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Most students, however, became friendly, impressed by her ability and persistence. 1950 & 1952: Veterinary Virus Research Institute & James A. Baker Institute are founded. 1911: First issue of The Cornell Veterinarian published. [4] Her father, William Augustus Hinton (1883-1959), was a bacteriologist and pathologist who was an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis, including the development of tests for syphilis. Dr. Patterson has an extensive list of accomplishments in his life; please click the link below to learn more about this pioneer in veterinary medicine. In 1949,  Dr. Johnson Webb graduated as the first African American woman to graduate from veterinary school, becoming the first African American woman licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the US. 2006: Cornell horse, Twilight, serves as genome donor for the international Equine Whole Genome Sequencing Project. President White secured the services of Dr. James Law, a distinguished veterinarian and teacher and graduate of the Edinburgh Veterinary College in Scotland. He held several positions within the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association and served with honor as the Vice President of the AVMA from 1971-1973. He also served a term as president of the AVMA. Jone Johnson Lewis is a women's history writer who has been involved with the women's movement since the late 1960s. Stay current on important veterinary news, AVMA activities, and member services. Need animal care? “The dean at the time (Dr. Ward Giltner) did not want women. When the Bureau of Animal Industry was formed, Dr. Salmon built it to focus on research, pathology, and bacteriology, according to a May 2009 article in Veterinary Heritage. Animal Airwaves is a daily radio series that features one-minute segments relating to animal health, ranging from insights into animal behavior to veterinary patient care breakthroughs and trends. 2016: Research at Baker Institute leads to the first puppies born by in vitro fertilization.


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