If after installing the neck and adjusting the truss rod you see that you can set your string height to your liking, then you don’t need a shim. Etase 4Pcs Brass Neck Metal Shims 0.2mm 0.5mm 1mm Thickness for ST Electric Guitar Bass 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. They work by altering the, Guitar neck shims are usually thin strips of wood, cardboard, or plastic that are paced, You are setting up a guitar and the action has to be, The opposite is true if the action of a guitar is. And for the techs in the room, what is the funniest thing you have found in a neck pocket? In this post we’ll be going over a highly debated and slightly controversial repair technique. Be sure to check out my other article on guitar neck joints and tone! The energy of the neck according to the builder is “stopped short” at the heel, decreases note decay but increases loudness of certain harmonics; that’s where the “punch” comes from. Altering the shape and placement of neck shims changes the front or back angle of the guitar neck in relation to the body. Shimming a bolt on guitar neck. Seems a little over engineered to me plus it still allows a huge air gap. When I add any wood to my basses I use the same species of wood that I’m adding to ie. Only 13 left in stock. Hope you found this article interesting and I’ll see you on the next post!!! After adjusting the saddles as low as they will go, the action is still too high. However, it is probably true you will need one, because the likelihood of a new bolt-on neck fitting exactly right usually doesn’t happen. Why is a neck shim so often needed for new neck installations? I don’t think it does much to the sound compared to such things as string choice, pickup scheme, wood, scale length, or basic construction (bolt vs. through-neck). They are wedge shaped, being anywhere from about 1-2mm thick at one end, and tapering to paper thin at the other end. Each neck shim is made for the guitar by tracing round the neck heel shape. J. Jan Folkson Member. Because wood is unpredictable in how it will settle in once installed. Guitar neck shims are a very common way of adjusting the, The argument has always been that neck shims, Guitar neck shims are used to alter the setup and action of bolt on neck guitars. The idea is simple adjust the angle whilst keeping the most contact possible between neck pocket and the neck heel. You install it, string up, adjust your truss rod for proper bow, and then notice that the height of the strings is really high. When i put a shim in a bass to lower the string hight i got a lot of fret buzz? You also notice that no matter how low you adjust the saddles, the strings are still sitting way too high above the frets. Perfect shims for a perfect neck fit Fitting an acoustic guitar neck into a dovetail joint is precise work. £4.99. Yeah, my ’63 P came with 2 shims made of vulcanized fiber, which you can buy by the square foot from a knifemaker’s supply shop. Are there ways of adjusting without a shim? >Actually BOLT ON your Guitar's Neck, Fender introduced the Micro Tilt design to allow easy adjustment of the neck angle without the use of shims. maple neck= maple shim. Many times you need to shim a loose side of a dovetail when fitting the neck. What didn’t work? If this joint is not 100% you're missing out big time. It’s best described as “punch”. Does the gap left behind by the shim adversely affect the tone? Want to Find Out if This Will Work with Your Bass. The argument has always been that neck shims decrease the tone and sustain of most guitars. These are usually wooden and are large enough to cover the entire neck pocket. What tonal quality, specifically? Not a single hint of deformation on threads, straightness, or the (+) heads with 30yo japanese screws after many rounds of adjustment. No two necks fit exactly the same, even if they were cut from the same log. The opposite is true if the action of a guitar is too low and you can’t raise the saddles any higher. But in the real world, the difference is so small that you probably won’t even notice it. In rare instances a shim is sometimes called a wedge, but the standard terminology used by luthiers for a thin wedge is to call it a shim. P.S. Both should be to hight or depth and then Scraped and or sanded to. Guitar neck shims are usually thin strips of wood, cardboard, or plastic that are paced between the neck heel and neck pocket of the guitar. Now, the difference in neck heel thickness is substantial --the new neck is nearly 5 mmm thinner than the original neck from this guitar. What this means is that no, you can’t adjust without a shim, but yes, a seasoned luthier can perform the adjustments in such a way where the energy transfer from neck-to-body basically acts exactly the same as if a shim were not present in the heel. This will lower the action without having to adjust the bridge height. Seasoned luthiers can add mass to the neck heel and then “shave” it down to virtually eliminate any gap that a shim would ordinarily leave behind. Guitar neck shims are used to alter the setup and action of bolt on neck guitars. Let’s say you replace the neck on your bass guitar. Changing the break angle of a guitar neck can help to raise or lower the string height or action of a guitar. Alternatively, if you want to gain string height you can also use a reverse shim at the other end of the pocket, seen below: There’s a long list of materials that could be used, most of which you already have. Now the big question is, It has been argued that because a neck shim is placed, This also has a little bit to do with the. Increasing the break angle back will decease the action, lessening it will raise the action. Many guitars are shimmed with thin pieces of wood, cardboard, plastic, or tape that is placed only under the very front or very back of the neck heel. I’m sure you could think of many more. If you would like to experiment with certain gaps to see (or rather hear) what tonal differences there are, feel free to try it out. What worked? So now we know what guitar neck shims are and how they are used. Not always. Don’t forget to hit the social icons below!! It's got to be at least 4 mm thick--roughly the thickness of a neck plate, in fact. This also has a little bit to do with the kind of shim that is used. What do you use to shim the necks on your guitars? Remember that sharing is caring!! £4.83. A shim when referred to guitar neck usage is for all intents and purposes a thin spacer. The neck joint on any guitar is the most important join, it's got a lot to live up structurally and tonally. by Justin Mann | Jul 26, 2020 | Bass Guitar, Guitar. Sep 20, 2009 #2 thin pick . Is it true some builders purposely put in a shim gap for tonal purposes? And of course, bolt patterns vary wildly depending on what you have, because not everyone has a standard Fender 4-bolt setup. However, regardless of what type of shim you use, the differences in sound are going to be pretty minimal. Is it required to use a neck shim whenever fitting a new bolt-on neck? Also be sure to grab your free Guitar Buying Guide below!! A shim when referred to guitar neck usage is for all intents and purposes a thin spacer. So now we know what guitar neck shims are and how they are used. This does work and will change the break angle of the neck, but this leaves a small gap between the neck heel and the neck pocket. Often I take a neck off a Strat or a Tele and there's random materials loose in there, business cards, sanding paper, a match stick or even cut up plectrums. ?”   You do, but sometimes the proper action height is beyond the adjustment range of the bridge and saddles.


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