How do you keep track of Recruitment in Excel? For more on offer details, please visit You may review our premium template ” Recruitment Manager – Excel Template ” at, which can handle multiple vacancies and up to six recruitment stages. Please ensure that you have updated the fields as advised in the blog. During the initial stage every employee has to go through a defined process before joining office. For example, in the image below, there is 1 candidate in APPLICATION stage, 4 in PHONE SCREEN, 1 in INTERVIEW and 1 in OFFER stages. If you like this recruitment tracking spreadsheet template, please share with your friends. A free course on Excel is also available to assist beginners. Looking for Recruitment Tracker Template or applicants/candidates job tracking system in Microsoft database template of Excel?Recruitment isn’t a difficult task anymore when you have this “Excel” base tracker for monitoring not only present statistics but also you can overview past data. Recruitment Tracking – Simple & Effective. 2. Join more than 10,000 subscribers (Free Videos), Combinations Generator Toolkit - Excel Template, Small Business Finance Manager Excel Template, Employee PTO Tracker & Calculator 2020 – Free Excel Template, Circular References in Project Planner Excel Template,, But, because HR processes are nuanced, and one misstep can result in a poor experience for your team, it’s important to have the right solution in place to stay on top of all the details. Having a staffing plan in place makes your team aware of the available recruitment sources, hiring goals and more. For the employee, a pay stub is helpful to track compensation and deductions, while for the employer a pay stub is important to offer proof that employees are paid correctly. As a human resources professional, you are required to juggle a variety of tasks. Providing employees a pay stub, whether it is electronic or physical, benefits both the employee and the employer. With pre-built formulas, you can simply input the employee’s earnings and deductions and totals will automatically be calculated. Keeping track of employee schedules ensures that you have the right amount of coverage on a daily and weekly basis. Start by entering the Job Title, Recruiter Name and Job posted date. It can handle only one vacancy at a time. No 1 Recruitment tracker of all time. Please review our premium template Recruitment Manager – Excel Template at With an employee training schedule template, you can create a list of training activities, add details around who the new employee needs to work with to complete each task, enter activity status, and include feedback for the new employee and his or her manager. Keeping a schedule of these items will help your team remain on track and ensure that the work is completed on time. After publishing the free template, I received many requests for step by step instructions/tutorial on how to build this recruitment tracker template and track recruiting in Excel? This Excel template is designed for Microsoft Excel, but if you are looking for a Google Sheet template, please visit Recruitment Tracker in Google Sheets. Use a simple vacation schedule template to track when employees will be off, how many vacations days they are taking and details around whether they will be reachable when away. Staffing Plan: Workload, FTE, & Cost Calculation Workbook Guide This staffing plan template calculates workload, FTE (full time equivalent) requirements, and process activity costs. Source of candidate is missing? Your email address will not be published. any discount in the recruitment manager premium report price? Using an employee evaluation template will help to manage the review process. But how do you find the best Excel templates to fit your needs? Our world-class consulting team is here to help your organization realize the lasting advantage of Smartsheet. After a candidate has been hired, the Summary Dashboard changes slightly automatically to reflect the recruiting metrics. the fifth stage not mentioned in the offer acceptance (hire) stage. Once a candidate accepts an employment offer, the on-boarding process begins. With this simple monthly work schedule template, you can set up individual tabs for each month, input important events into the calendar, and add notes to provide details for each events. is it possible you show post tutorial step by step how to create such recruitment template for multiple jobs. Gain a competitive advantage by using HR processes as a risk mitigation tool. You can see the active pipeline (applicants or candidates whose application status is not CLOSED). If you only have three stages, then leave a blank in the fourth stage name. But how do you ensure that you have the proper coverage when employees are out of office? Required fields are marked *. This work schedule template streamlines this process and provides a consistent view for your team. After hiring, the recruiting funnel represents all applicants (not just Closed status). Soon to be by Smartsheet. I would like to see incoporated some space for internal recruitment tests (in house tests). Plan Recruitment (2 weeks) Form Recruiting Committee. During the initial stage every employee has to go through a defined process before joining office. can this tracker summarize how many job positions and candidates that have been interviewed in a year? is the Recruitment tracker meant for only one Job title? In case you still face any issue, please email your file with the list of issues to This employee timesheet template will enable you to create one file for each of your employees and track his or her time on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Use this simple employee attendance tracker template to document whether each employee worked or took vacation, personal or sick days. Your responsibilities could include everything from acquiring the best talent to motivating employees to managing training programs. ! " Streamline process and paperwork, maintain an auditable database without added effort, and grow your business with better informed, more productive employees. Learn about our premium resource and portfolio management platform, 10,000ft by Smartsheet. Are there any additional scenarios that would be good to incorporate? Thanks for your interest in our template. Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that enables HR teams to easily manage everything from job applicant tracking to new hire onboarding and employee performance reviews. Use this template to document the employee performance against set goals, the employee evaluation of their manager, and professional development plans for the upcoming year. Recruitment is one of the top responsibilities of any human resources team. Gone are the days where employees would manually clock in and out. Input tasks, goals, assumptions, start and end dates, and more. Try Smartsheet Template you've identified a gap in your company's workforce that has been created by someone else's departure Additionally, the pre-built formulas included quickly calculate totals to help streamline employee payroll processing. Better Manage Your People Operations with Smartsheet for Human Resources, Human Resource Management 101: Functions, Policies & Procedures, Use Human Resources Planning to Forecast for (Less) Risky Business, Download Hourly Work Schedule Excel Template. An employee transition plan reduces the amount of information lost. Keeping a monthly schedule of important dates like holidays, scheduled office closures, timesheet due dates, and payroll cut offs can be helpful to keep you organized.


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