Shelly. Stills cut out the middle section and smooshed (that’s the technical term) the two ends together like bookends, turning the three-cushioned sofa into a two-cushion love seat. She’s the DIY daughter that my daughter is not. She also writes a biweekly newspaper column, "Design Dilemmas," in the "Lakeshore News" and has been published in "Design and Drapery Pro" magazine. The two things you need to determine before rushing out to purchase your poly-fil are: a) whether or not the foam in your seat cushions is able to be removed; and b) if there is an access point to the inside of your seat back cushions. You might be able to pull out the fiberfill insert that fills the attached pillow backs. Can I wash the old stuffing in my couch pillows and dry it before combining it with new stuffing? Take your time and make sure it looks good as you go. Here’s the email I received from Katherine, who’s trying to figure out this fluffy mess. This is because the filling gets compressed where you sit (and you aren’t sitting on the back edge). Sometimes furniture and cushions are just poorly designed, even those with a big price tag. I’ve already fixed all of my crumpled back cushions so we’ll have to wait for Katherine to send pics. For example, if the cushion cover is 26 inches wide, 32 inches long and 5 inches deep purchase new foam 26 1/2 inches wide, 32 1/2 inches long and 5 inches deep. One 7-foot sofa sat along the 8½-foot-long half wall, its twin on the adjoining long wall. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I wouldn’t be able to match the existing sofa, and two mismatched sofas would look like one of those college lounges outfitted with parental castoffs. I still want to take a class, hopefully! A sagging couch may be exacerbated by a worn support system under the cushions. My dogs Chihuahuas love to lay on tops and the insides are fiberfill. It’s been a pretty good couch so far with one exception: the back pillows now get deformed fairly easily. “Yours was the perfect situation,” said Stills, who started in the family business 36 years ago, at the age of 9. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. Help! Fix your flat-as-pancakes cushions to quickly rejuvenate the couch, making it easier to sit on and get up from, and adding years to its longevity. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Feathers and down may occasionally work their way through the downproof ticking. Remove old stuffing. It’s a great way to make your couch cushions firmer. • Eliminate one sofa. I got this couch precisely because the cushions were attached — couldn’t stand having to constantly re-adjust the non-attached cushions of my previous couch. You can buy “sofa savers” for sofas online or … Once that’s done, take the fabric on the outside of the cushion and push it along the insert surface from one side to the other to finish straightening seams and welts. This should solve the problem, at least for a while. my bottom couch cushions are all squished from me sitting in the same spot. 1. Cushions and pillows that contain feathers and down require more routine maintenance. Or you could pick up a comforter at a thrift store. Cushion fill will naturally settle and condense over time, so we recommend that you fluff your cushions at least every three months to help maintain their shape. The top of the sofa cushion ends up flat and the middle of the cushion ends up flat which causes the cushions to collapse over themselves. They go from not very comfortable to downright uncomfortable and extremely annoying. Repeat with all of the cushions. “I’ve had customers look at the piece when we’re done and say, ‘That’s not my sofa,'” he said. I loved having Wendy. There they met at a tidy right angle and nested comfortably in the corner, next to a coffee table. Now what? 1. Fiberfill that is soiled or tightly compacted cannot hold its loft and should be replaced. how do i plump them back up? With the other hand, reach inside the cover to manipulate the insert. Then I split an old comforter to make two pieces by the width but leave the length alone. Stills cut out the middle section and smooshed (that’s the technical term) the two ends together like bookends, turning the three-cushioned sofa into a two-cushion … The thought of losing one sofa was bad enough. Before: The too-long sofa on the left extends past the half wall. Syndicated columnist Marni Jameson is the author of two home and lifestyle books, and the forthcoming “Downsizing the Family Home: What to Keep, What to Let Go” (Sterling Press); how do you sew the insides together with the channel in the middle…And are the seams on the inside or out side. But I failed to allow for the depth of the other sofa, whose arm stuck 3 feet out from the back wall, meaning its mate needed to start where the other sofa stopped — 3 feet down the wall. They can make a contemporary piece look more traditional and a traditional piece more contemporary. Fixing Foam Cushions Remove the … Hi Shelly — I know this comment thread is a few years old, but I hope you’ll receive this comment anyway! Trim the excess batting; the sections covered by wrap are the top, front and bottom. Slab foam wrapped with batting is the most common couch cushion filler. Thankfully, the foam pads that give the cushions structure are relatively easy to replace. I know that the piping gets hot glued, but what happens to the extra fabric of the binding. Adding a skirt, fringe, buttons or welts will make it more traditional. • Replace one sofa with a smaller one. The top of the sofa cushion ends up flat and the middle of the cushion ends up flat which causes the cushions to collapse over themselves. Placing the fill behind the existing cushion will help to keep everything looking smooth. “And why not?” I grabbed my phone and Googled “Can you shorten a sofa?”. A pandemic and new commission later, Colorado oil and gas officials OK sweeping changes to regulations. My daughter loves to cook. “If it’s a good sofa, shortening it is definitely cheaper than buying a new one,” he said. It’s likely the cushion form is divided into a top section and bottom section. Thankyou so much ..I will be waiting for the ping on my iPad… Elizabeth. Re-shaping the flat cushions is a very easy and quick process and will also add the extra life to them. 2. Using top-grade filler and over stuffing ensures a more lofted cushion for a longer time. Repeat this for the bottom channel. To adjust this, unzip the cover, but don’t remove the cushion insert. extra pillow down or dacron stuffing Unzip the bottom and remove the dacron or down filled cushion form. Update the old. Or in my case buying two. Thanks Katherine, I love to hear that, and I love to share tricks and solutions to help you make your furniture last a little longer.


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