If that's the case, fill each channel with stuffing materials to plump the attached back cushions to your liking. Then do your stuffing and sew big crisscross stitches in a matching color thread. Look at the bottom of the attached back cushions to see if you can discover camouflaged zippers. Got some foam on sale from Joanns Fabrics and they now look great and keep their shape. (am I sitting in the new foam or is it below the old foam as support?). So — I won’t call that a fail — we’ll just call this one “keeping it real”. My attached cushion faux leather couch. Sorry! How can I find useful and quality flooring? Can you please explain me the use of the vacuum? I’m so glad, and I wish you luck sprucing up your old sofa! Thanks for great help for our sad sofas. Leather casings often have a hidden zipper, which allows you to easily open the cushion covering. And here it is stuffed and in place. Even leather cushions attached or sewn to the frame -- tight-back cushions -- are easy to refresh when you know how to accomplish this seemingly daunting task. Now, go stuff your sofa cushions, people! I believe the brand I used was Poly-Fill. If you can't locate a zipper, create your own opening by carefully opening a stitched side or bottom casing with a seam ripper. I think I missed something here – what did you do with the fiberfill? I am an upholsterer and I can tell you we hate these kind of sofas. It all depends on how much you want to improve instead of replace the couch. Just don’t have any idea how to get access to add fiberfill. I can assure you that they didn't try to sew that big cushion on a machine after it was stuffed! Create a template for your new core by outlining the old cushion on a large piece of brown craft paper. Thanks for stopping by, Valerie. They are sewn in place, so it involved some gymnastics on my part to work against gravity and stuff the fibre fill upwards and into place. The cushions would be stapled back into place and the outside back and outside arm panels replaced. Hi Nancy, the fibrefill went into the back cushions, and the new foam was added along side the old foam, into the bottom seat cushions. Is that correct? I really.need to try your idea. I have a 40 year old sofa that is perfect in every way but the cushions…, I used 3″ foam, but it depends on how much room you think you have to work with. Not that I know of Ginny! Most likely it's stapled. Thank you so much for this post. Look at the bottom of the attached back cushions to see if you can discover camouflaged zippers. This project was put off for a LONG time until a month ago did my homework and thought your idea was GENIUS!!! I noticed that your original post was 2014, how are your couches doing now? Now, even though my seat cushion is a crumpled little mess to sit on, it is still a tight fit for mashing a second piece of foam in there, so here is the secret to a happy stuffing experience…. [CDATA[ The idea being that the edges might fray if you try to stitch it too close the the cut edge. How do I fix a bar fridge that doesn't work? (This post may contain affiliate links. Cut out the paper template to fashion a new custom-fit foam core to stuff into the leather casing. We’ve had absolutely no problems with ours since we fluffed it up a little, and I feel like we’ve got a lot more years with it! Oh Lola… that is the worst, and I feel your pain! sew back up and you have a nice stuffed couch. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your post! Then do your stuffing and sew it back up with a strong thread. :). Some cushions are only attached along the top edge, and can be lifted quite easily. I sometimes forget that there are zippers on those things, unless I look. Thank you! But it turned out great. Reach under the bottom of the cushion where it attaches to the couch; Find the hidden zipper; Unzip the hidden zipper of the cushion; Remove the foam; If the foam is wrapped in batting, remove the batting and the netting as well; Replace the foam with a high-density foam; Re-wrap if needed


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