Chips Fryers 34 Cooking Chips warmer 38 0727450935 Cooking Chips Warmers Cooking Deep fryer joseph karanja 22 0723331327 Cooking energy saving jiko mwangi joseph karanja 22 0723331327 Cooking Energy saving jiko joseph Out shed 0723331327 Full body is stainless steel, With heavy duty automatic heating element for temperature control  to keep the chips warm and fresh. } .site-content .slider-wrapper .lSPager.lSpg li:hover a, .site-content .slider-wrapper .lSPager.lSpg a { .main-navigation ul li:nth-child(2){ } Temp:30-110℃ Power:220-240V/1KW 50.60HZ. } Locally made. .storevilla-social { Description Reviews (1) Description. margin-right: auto; Nairobi } margin-left: auto; } .woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; } A word from youth representative. } All locally made products, imported products, Jua kali Products or Juakali products visit us. 40%. color: #ff8c00; box-sizing: inherit; .lSSlideOuter .lSPager.lSpg > li a{ background-color: #fff; 2 out of 5 (2) Add To Cart. border-width: 1px; .main-navigation ul li ul li a{ Previously Dismiss, Copyright © 2019 All Right Reserved. } } Internship Postings. .dashicons-menu::before{ ₦ 63,000. visibility:hidden; .widget_storevilla_cat_with_product_widget_area .block-title-desc a.view-bnt{ } color: #000000; Popularity Newest Arrivals Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Product Rating. display: none; Hours . display: none; } .cart { If you are not sure about anything at all, reach out to us and our team will be happy to work with you. .header-wrap .search-cart-wrap .advance-search .sv_search_form #searchsubmit{ John Odhiambo, an experienced blacksmith, says that he would never trade his job for anything else. box-sizing: inherit; Enjoy your time in the kitchen better with a range of cooking appliances that are effective and save you a lot of time. } .request_custom_design_banner{ color: #ff8c00; .widget_search form input[type="submit"], .widget_product_search form input[type="submit"], .no-results.not-found .search-form .search-submit{ } padding-right: 10px; } } .main-navigation{ The deep fryer is easy to use, with an adjustable temperature; and you can easily disassemble and clean it. background-color: #ff8c00; } R 3,699 Double Gas chip fryer new. You would like it to have a charcoal grill, a deep fryer, a separate compartment with a chicken roaster, etc. View. border-top: 5px solid #d3d3d3; #loftloader-wrapper .loader-section { border-style: solid; Tours. Website of the Kamukunji Jua Kali Association with information on products, representation and tours of the Kamukunji Jua Kali Industrial Cluster. } border-color: #d3d3d3; #loader { Where professional education is scarce, expert niche experience and hands on learning is what takes over. Delivery is free within Nairobi. Double Burner Table Top + Pot+Fry And Kettle Bundle. Metal Fabricator. The absence of formalized systems and bureaucracies allows them to entirely focus on the work at hand. .store-promo-wrap { } font-size: 18px; .site-content .slider-wrapper li .banner-slider-info a.slider-button { border-width: 1px; } border-color: #d3d3d3; We specialise in cutom made stainless steel, hospitality catering products for equiping and setting up a wide range of food and beverage facilities. } } More than 2 for sale Restaurant & Catering Equipment starting from KSh 2,800 in Malindi Town choose and buy today! display: block; About the Jua Kali Association . A deep fryer is a small appliance which is specially designed to help you to fry different kinds of foodstuff. font-weight: 600; #loader { color: #000000; Deep fryers reduce the health risks of you getting injured or having burns while you’re frying your food.


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