He accounts for their temporary success by recording that "the Mussulman hordes experienced the comfort of fighting for their religion, and the blessings of it reverted to the sovereignty of his just and pious majesty.". Sorrow, desire, fear, desperation – all spun and solidified into an ache unlike anything she'd ever experienced. excel in any sphere, from novice to experienced rider. On the eastern coast the monsoons of the Indian Ocean are regularly felt, and on the south-east hurricanes are occasionally experienced. Thereafter, learning comes through working closely day-to-day with experienced colleagues, supported by regular briefings and training sessions. Hidden rocks make the Finnish archipelago quite treacherous and only experienced sailors with up-to-date charts should navigate them. The normal schools, maintained by the state on a secular basis, were founded by President Sarmiento, who engaged experienced teachers in the United States to direct them; their work is excellent; notably, their model primary schools. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? This is an introductory course led by an experienced beekeeper. After the beginning of the 3rd century there were still no doubt men under the control of the hierarchy who experienced the prophetic ecstasy, or clerics like Cyprian who professed to have received special directions from God; but prophets by vocation no longer existed and these sporadic utterances were in no sense placed on a level with the contents of the sacred Scriptures. On the eastern escarpment of the Drakensberg the rainfall is heavy, 50 or 60 in. This camp is for experienced campers only. The United Kingdom bartenders Guild offers two Levels bar training courses aimed at both the younger and the more experienced bartender. Severe winters were experienced and the Baltic was frequently frozen over so that there was solid ice communication between Sweden and Denmark across the Belts and Sound: this happened in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries but not in the 16th. Depretis and his colleague Genala, minister of public works, experienced great difficulty in securing parliamentary sanction for the conventions, not so much on account of their defective character, as from the opposition of local interests anxious tc extort new lines from the government. On some of these occasions aurora was brilliant in both the northern and southern hemispheres, whilst magnetic disturbances were experienced the whole world over. An experienced man, or even a boy, if selected as possessing the necessary faculty (which is sometimes very strongly marked), can detect the smallest dribble when the stop - cock is so far closed as to restrict the orifice. David and Cynthia Dean had experienced little success in trying to secure a more formal arrangement for long term custody of Martha, managing only undocumented assignment as temporary foster parents. He sensed a fear as deep as his fear of the underground, only he doubted a woman accustomed to the pure inner city of Tiyan ever experienced such fear or pain. CK 1 1093796 Tom had some very unusual experiences. She'd experienced one night with an Immortal mate, and it was the most incredible night of her life. Experience definition is - direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge. After the feudal vassals, decimated Struggle by the wars of religion and the executioners hand, with the and after the recalcitrant taxpayers, the Protestants, Protest- in their turn, and by their own fault, experienced this. If the person holding the bottle subsequently touched the nail, he experienced an electric shock. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Successful and forward thinking agency based in the heart of Warwickshire are looking for an experienced copywriter to lead and inspire. These prisms have the advantage of economy of material and of a greater field than the ordinary Nicol's prism, but a difficulty seems to be experienced in finding a suitable permanent cement. being experienced - but snow lasts only for one and a half months, and the summer heat is tempered by the proximity of the high mountains. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The PEIT sector has experienced periodic bouts of heightened share price volatility. He is an experienced alpinist who has led trekking expeditions for us in Morocco. Bryn, 28, is an experienced arborist with an HND in forestry. We might expect persons who have experienced spontaneous visual hallucinations, of the kind vulgarly styled "ghosts" or "wraiths," to succeed in inducing pictures in a glass ball. If he failed in his wider schemes of reform, this was only one more illustration of a truth of which other " enlightened " sovereigns besides himself had experienced the force, namely, that it is impossible to impose any system, however admirable, from above on a people whose deepest convictions and prejudices it offends. At one time it is a summons to do battle for the faith; at another, a series of reflections on recently experienced success or misfortune, or a rebuke for their weak faith; or an exhortation to virtue, and so on. A proper organization was established to superintend the pay and maintenance of the soldiers, and they were commanded by experienced officers, among others by Georg Derffiingen (1606-1695), and Otto von Sparr (1605-1668). His velvety tongue was hot against her neck and her lips and as he pleasured her in ways she never experienced before. It would be difficult to define very precisely the difference in French between a "conference" and a "sermon"; and the same difficulty seems to have been experienced in Greek by Photius, who says of the eloquent pulpit orations of Chrysostom, that they were oµLAiac rather than Aoyoc. In order to satisfy this demand E-commerce 123 has gathered a team of highly creative experienced website developers. Mithraism was at full maturity on its arrival at Rome, the only modifications it ever suffered having been experienced during its younger days in Asia. This vibration may be experienced by someone who may have latent clairvoyance and occasionally ' seen ' as a ghost. Meanwhile considerable difficulties had been experienced with the Indian currency, which was on a purely silver basis. Sodium arsenate (-10--yl-a gr.) To Dean's experienced ears, it didn't sound like a joke. During the paroxysms, or even preceding them, certain sensory disturbances may be experienced, more especially affections of vision, such as ocular spectra, hemiopia, diplopia, &c. Gout, eyestrain and intestinal toxaemia have been put forward as causes of migraine, and Sir W. The specially painful points are about the knee and ankle joints; besides which a feeling of numbness is experienced throughout the whole limb.


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