The Nemean Cestus was the most powerful weapon in the series after the Blade of Olympus as Kratos was able to literally smash the head of Hercules himself with it and were the only weapon that was strong enough to destroy the Onyx, while the other weapons were useless against it. Also known as the Whale, it is one of the largest constellations in the sky. Mit seiner komplizierten Anordnung von breiten und schmalen Lederbändern sieht er im kampfbereiten Zustand fast wie ein bis an den Ellenbogen reichender Handschuh aus. der Cestus bei den Olympischen Spielen verboten. They had Andromeda chained to a rock near the ocean so that Cetus could devour her. He added “…the beauty and talents that had distinguished him as a child grew even more remarkable.” His family did not achieve any major prominence in politics until the reign of Emperor Clau… Hercules with the Cestus in God of War III. Als es zu immer schlimmeren Verletzungen und sogar Todesfällen kam, wurde im Jahre 30 n. Chr. Jerome later translated this phrase as piscis grandis in his Latin Vulgate. [5] Caestūs were frequently used in Roman gladiatorial bouts, both against each other and against other weapon-wielding gladiators. ja:ケートー This document was printed from The Circle of the Dragon . Template:Greek myth (sea) In ancient Greek, the word ketos (Template:Lang-el, plural cetea Template:Lang-el) - Latinized as cetus - denotes a large fish, a whale, or a sea monster. caedere „zuschlagen“) wurde als eine Art Boxhandschuh oder Kampfhandschuh beim Pankration, einer Mischung zwischen Ringen (pale) und Boxen (pygme) bei den antiken Olympischen Spielen (ab 648 v. Historian Suetonius in his The Twelve Caesars described the adult Titus as being graceful and dignified as well as muscular and handsome. In another version, Perseus used Medusa's head to turn Cetus to stone. The gauntlets also features spikes on it, some curving back and others curving forward. Cetus was a predatory sea monster, terrifying and fierce. Cetus has often been used as the name or maiden-head of a ship, depicting either a fearless ship that does not fear the sea, or a ruthless pirate ship that you should be wary of. [6] The cestus-fighter would have otherwise had no body armour. sr:Кето pt:Ceto (mitologia) [3] On his journey, he discovered Andromeda, alone and bound by the sea, and he fell in love with her. lt:Keto Caestūs boxing was eventually abolished in 393 AD due to excessive brutality. [3], Cepheus consulted the Oracle of Ammon and learned that his only hope was to sacrifice his daughter to Cetus. God of War: AscensionGod of War III. Known wielder/s [1] He went immediately to her parents [1] to ask them for her hand in marriage [3] in exchange for which Perseus promised to slay Cetus and rescue Andromeda. The Nemean Cestus was a weapon seen in God of War III and briefly in Multiplayer of God of War: Ascension. The Septuagint translates this phrase into Greek as mega ketos (μέγα κῆτος). hu:Kétó During Hercules' fight with Kratos, the former donned the Cestus as he engaged the Spartan in battle. Other myths say that he turned the creature into stone by showing the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa to the monster. tr:Keto (mitolojik yaratık) In Greek Mythology, that was also used by Helios and Hermes. [3], Cetus was variously described as a sea monster [1] or sea serpent. It is very brave. The name of the mythological figure Ceto is derived from kētos. [3] Other versions describe Cetus as a monster with the head of a greyhound and the body of a whale or dolphin and a divided, fan-like tail. However, he translated the Greek word kētos as cetus in Matthew 12:40. Jerome later translated this phrase as piscis grandis in his Latin Vulgate. The Cestus was apparently given to its original owner, Hercules, after he slew the Nemean Lion as one of his 12 Labours. The constellation was named after Cetus, the sea monster from the Greek myth about Andromeda. Myths of the World Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. URL: Basic Information. [5], The Greeks also invented a variation called the sphere (σφαῖραι), which were sewn with small metal balls covered with leather. The term ketos alone means "huge fish," and in Greek mythology the term was closely associated with sea monsters. For more information on footnotes and references, please see the bibliography. Misc. The Nemean Cestus was the only weapon that was able to destroy Onyx, a type of rock that frequently appeared in God of War III, in the form of shields, walls, and armor. [3] In English, "cestuses" can be used. They were a pair of large metal gauntlets, each forged that resembled a snarling lion's head, that greatly increased the strength of its wielder when they were worn. Zeus or Poseidon created the dragon as punishment for Cepheus and Cassiopea, the royal couple of Joppa because Cassiopea boasted that she and her daughter Andromeda were more beautiful than the goddesses … Despite being seemingly outmatched by other types of gladiators, a single hit from a cestus would have incapacitated most fighters. fr:Céto In Jonah 2:1 (1:17 in English translation), the Hebrew text reads dag gadol (דג גדול), which literally means "great fish." ca:Ceto According to the mythology Perseus slew Cetus to save Andromeda from being sacrificed to it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nemean Cestus Some accounts say that Perseus fought Cetus and killed the monster with his sword or sickle. ko:케토스 (신화) Diana is a goddess in Roman and Hellenistic religion, primarily considered a patroness of the countryside, hunters, crossroads, and the Moon.She is equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, and absorbed much of Artemis' mythology early in Roman history, including a birth on the island of Delos to parents Jupiter and Latona, and a twin brother, Apollo, though she had an independent origin in Italy. bn:কেতো That size adjustment detail appeared to occur on every weapon, with the second most prominent one the Claws of Hades. One fact that proved that was that Hercules easily destroyed them, which turned them into dust, while Zeus' Astral Form had to use most of his power to simply break them on three parts in, Also in Ascension, the Nemean Cestus that were used by players in Multiplayer shared the same special attacks from. Called meilichae (μειλίχαι), these gloves consisted of strips of raw hide tied under the palm, leaving the fingers bare. They were therefore the only weapon that was capable of killing Skorpius, as the creature's body was armored with Onyx. Their ability to destroy Onyx made them very similar to the Tremor Gauntlet in, In Ascension, when Hercules fought against warriors in Multiplayer, he clapped the Cestus together at a point of the battle, which destroyed them. The Septuagint translates this phrase into Greek as mega ketos (μέγα κῆτος). God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. God of War IIILevel 1 - n/a OrbsLevel 2 - 3,000 OrbsLevel 3 - 5,000 OrbsLevel 4 - 5,000 OrbsLevel 5 - 8,000 Orbs In Greek art, cetea were depicted as serpentine fish. ", "History of London Boxing: Early Boxing History",, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 07:14. It is based on the Ethiopian Sea Monster which was sent to eat Andromeda. [1] In another version, Perseus used the freshly removed head of the Gorgon Medusa to turn Cetus to stone. However, the Cestus were forcefully taken from him, and Kratos used them to batter his half-brother to death. Kratos with the Cestus in Mortal Kombat 2011. [2] The term cetacean originates from cetus. Since Ascension took place a long time before, It was also possible that the gauntlets that were used by Hercules in Ascension were mere copies of the Nemean Cestus, and were not the original ones. Der Cestus (vom latein. Orb cost [7], Cestus-fighters were mostly slaves, who fought to the death. They were also used to evade the same way that the. Many sailors also fear the Kraken and other sea-monsters, believed from mythology to be related to Cetus.


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