However, the use of radical initiators or any other compound can result in contrasting results. Furthermore, the general formula of alkene is C, . Moreover, the decolouration of bromine solution in water is a test to identify the presence of alkene. Alkenes show the cis-trans isomerism as well. What are the Physical Properties of Alkenes. Alkanes and Alkenes: Physical Properties by Eshaan Menon 1. However, ethane is an exception. By comparing the alkenes with the alkanes, it is found that both of them have almost similar boiling points, but the condition is if these compounds have the same carbon skeleton. Alkenes chemistry is a study of carbon compounds which are held together by a double bond. Moreover, it is an easy scoring one as well. Alkenes higher than these are all solids. A popular alkene synthesis is by elimination reaction. Among alkanes volatility decreases with increase in chain length. Moreover, alcohol and alkyl halide goes through dehydrohalogenation dehydration for this purpose. 5-14 Carbon Atoms = Liquid. Additionally, when alkene and alkane’s boiling points are compared, it is found that they are almost similar. One of the most common examples of this reaction is catalytic hydrogenation of ethylene to produce ethane. This is because of the greater Van der Waals forces that exist between molecules in alkenes and alkanes with more carbon atoms. Moreover, these chemical reactions occur surrounding its carbon-carbon bond. Oxidation of alkene is possible in many ways with assistance from various oxidising agents. Moreover, for laboratory synthesis, Raney nickel is used. Furthermore, compared to alkanes, alkenes are weakly polar. However, the use of radical initiators or any other compound can result in contrasting results. Physical States: 1.1. Solubility: Moreover, owing to their nonpolar characteristics, alkenes do not dissolve in water. Moreover, in the existence of oxygen, alkene burns with a bright flame and creates water and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, this process is regarded as Markovnikov’s rule. The melting points of the alkenes are greatly dependent on the positioning of the molecules in the compounds. In the alkene group, the first three members are gaseous in nature, the next fourteen are liquids and the remaining members are the solids. in an acidic solution will create carboxylic acid or ketones. Boiling points is increased by an increase in the intermolecular mass. Moreover, for laboratory synthesis, Raney nickel is used. Overall, alkenes' physical properties are similar to that of alkanes because of its weaker Van Der Waals forces of attraction between molecules. Physical State of Alkenes For alkenes, the compounds with lower Carbon atoms in the range of C 2 -C 4 , are all gases, mid-range Carbon atoms like C 3 -C 17 are all liquids, and the higher ones exist in solid forms at room temperature. Alkenes exhibit a more dipole moment than the alkanes. The density of alkenes is less than the water. Volatility refers to the ability of a liquid to change into vapour state. On the other hand, you can easily remove the double bonds or add more, as they are not strongly held. These are unsaturated carbon compounds which have a general formula of C n H 2n. To learn more about this topic and other related topics, such as the electrophilic addition reactions of alkenes, download BYJU’S – The Learning App. However, ethane is an exception. In the non-polar solvents such as ligroin and benzene, they are completely soluble. OH. The melting point of alkene depends on the positioning of its molecules. As a result, it produces alcohol. Pro Lite, Vedantu An alkene is a compound that belongs to the family of hydrocarbons. Alkenes are weakly polar just like alkanes but are slightly more reactive than alkanes due to the presence of double bonds. What Are The Prominent Physical Properties Of An Alkene? Alkenes chemistry is a study of carbon compounds which are held together by a double bond. For instance, ethene is used to manufacture several chemical products like polyethylene, vinyl chloride, ethanol, styrene, etc. Probably, the simplest compound in this alkene series is ethane or ethylene (C2H4). The dipole-dipole interaction of the alkenes is weak as they have an electron attraction to the sp2 carbon. These are compounds of hydrocarbons and they are odorless and colorless in nature. The end product of these reactions is called an additive product. Alkenes: Alkenes show similar physical properties of the corresponding Alkane. 1.2.1. The physical properties possessed by these double-bonded compounds are similar to the physical properties of alkanes. Additionally, it has a carbon-carbon double bond (C=C). The phenomenon of structural isomerism is exhibited by the alkenes which have four or more than four numbers of carbon atoms. On the other hand, cis-isomer molecules have an inferior melting point compared to trans-isomers, as they are packed in a U-bending shape. Your email address will not be published. Furthermore, Mukaiyama hydration, oxymercuration–demercuration reaction, or hydroboration–oxidation reaction is used to produce alcohol from alkenes. However, if alkene comprises more than one double bond, then this nomenclature alters to alkadiene, alatriene, and so on. Probably, the simplest compound in this alkene series is ethane or ethylene (C, ).


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