Blacks were naturally excluded from the ...The Feminine Mystique Thankfully, women rose to the occasion, followed in Betty’s footsteps and fought for equality. 4) Which television heroine -- Alice, Lucy, or Miss Brooks -- came the closest to TRULY overcoming the feminine mystique, and elaborate on that heroine’s situation and relationship to the men in her life. model. Primary Source Analysis on The Feminine Mystique 3 0 obj The media however, remains partly tainted by the ideologies of the 1950’s. They concluded that language as we commonly think of it is a decidedly male realm, which therefore only represents a world from the male point of view. Many women wish that they could be blonde because that was the ideal hair color. Friedan uses statistics, theories, and first-person accounts to show that the problem is the idealized image of women society has created, which she calls The Feminine Mystique. In this book, Friedan defines women's unhappiness as "The problem that has no name". “realize the decensored relation of woman to her sexuality, to her womanly being, giving her access to her native strength; it will give her back her goods, her pleasures, her organs, her immense bodily territories which have been kept under seal; it will tear her away from the superegoized structure in which she has always occupied the place reserved for the guilty (guilty of... ...Écriture féminine, literally "women's writing,"[1] more closely, the writing of the female body and female disparity in language and text,[2] is a strain of feminist literary theory that originated in France in the early 1970s and included foundational theorists such as Hélène Cixous, Monique Wittig, Luce Irigaray,[3] Chantal Chawaf,[4][5] and Julia Kristeva,[6][7] and also other writers like psychoanalytical theorist Bracha Ettinger,[8][9] who joined this field in the early 1990s. Questions students must answer in a 500-word (minimum) essay: 1 0 obj Betty Friedan Gray After World (Fox, 2006) At the same time, it is a declaration to proclaim an era in which American women strove towards the equality that females refused to be subordinate, “The Importance of Work” is an essay from The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan. Situate a primary source in context by applying knowledge about the time and culture in which it was created. �x�]�f4s[�IJ ,l�.6��`�S�\'V��J�]! every ten women dyed their hair blonde " (Kerber/DeHart 514). <> Primary Source Analysis on The Feminine Mystique 3) What role did mass media play during the 1950s and 1960s in regard to supporting or undermining the “feminine mystique”? Friedan backs up her beliefs with multiple direct quotes from other women dealing with the situation which she is proving. 2) During the era of “Rosie the Riveter”, what gains did women make in the workforce? In the “The Feminine Mystique,” by Betty Friedan, the author begins to question “the problem that has no name,” which is, “Why are American housewives so unhappy with their supposedly “perfect’ lives”? Friedan describes the emotional distress of being inferior and limited because of gender. In the 1950’s media had a big impact on the gender role. Total text length is 3,768 characters (approximately 2.6 pages). a thin figure. Friedan insists that men and women need work that satisfies their creativity and contributes to human society. As stated in “From Rosie to Lucy”, in the 1950’s “crime shows, westerners, and quiz programs – tended to ignore women or place them in secondary roles.”(Davidson 355) Because of the way women were depicted, many did not bother to stray from the norm, or speak out. Some Do the Work, Graduate, and Find Good Jobs. In addition to hair color, women often went to great lengths to achieve Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique (1963) Born in 1921, Betty Friedan graduated with honors from Smith College and pursued a doctoral degree in psychology at the University of California at Berkeley before dropping out to marry. She coined the term which shares the title of her book as, “The feminine mystique says that the highest value and the only commitment for women, In the book The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan brings attention to what she calls the feminine mystique, or “the problem that has no name”. ...The media is a powerful tool. The Feminine Mystique is the title of a book written by Betty Friedan who has also founded The National Organization for Women (NOW) to help US women gain equal rights. In the 50’s and 60’s, all American women had been told their whole, the dark, and to be ashamed of it” (628). greater than that which the white women suffered from. Male writers view their surroundings in a very stereotypical masculine fashion. In America, Betty Friedan, a feminist writer, wrote The Feminine Mystique in 1963. There are countless stereotypes mentioned in the book. The results were as she expected; many American women were unhappy and did not know why. Primary Source Analysis on "The Feminine Mystique" 1128 Words | 5 Pages Potter 1 Rebecca Potter Gray Section 4975 12 May 2015 Primary Source Analysis on The Feminine Mystique The Feminine Mystique is the title of a book written by Betty Friedan who has also founded The National Organization for Women (NOW) to help US women gain equal rights. How did these women feel about themselves and their contributions? <>


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