In other words, Isocrates proposes here that metaphor is a distinctive feature of poetic language because it conveys the experience of the world afresh and provides a kind of defamiliarisation in the way the citizens perceive the world. (David Lodge, Nice Work. While Metaphors replace the ordinary with the more fanciful, they don’t replace one word with another. Metonymy and related figures of speech are common in everyday speech and writing. Each whole is simultaneously a part, a whole/part, a holon and reality is composed, not of things nor processes, nor wholes nor parts, but of whole/parts, of holons. For example, not every word associated with another is effective in replacing the original word or idea. Another phrase "lending an ear (attention)", we stretch the base meaning of "lend" (to let someone borrow an object) to include the "lending" of non-material things (attention), but, beyond this slight extension of the verb, no metaphor is at work. While the compound metaphor makes a fanciful figurative comparison between two unlike realms ('snail mail'), a compound metonym, in distinction, characterizes a single domain by using an associated literal attribute as a characterizing adjective, for example, coffee-table book: a (usually expensive) large-format book that is too big to fit on a bookshelf, thus it's displayed on a table--effect for the cause. Close relatives of metonymy are synecdoche and metaphors. If someone talks about a lion and says, That's one big cat. 15:4-5). [5][6], American literary theorist Kenneth Burke considers metonymy as one of four "master tropes": metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony. Of course, the “hand” in this case is just the part that signifies the whole person who is receiving the proposal. . You’ll find examples of metonymy used frequently in both literature and everyday speech. "[22] Aristotle discussed different definitions of metaphor, regarding one type as what we know to be metonymy today. Conventional metonymy is the type of metonymy that's often heard in everyday language. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. Middle School Physical Science Curriculum Resource & Lesson Plans, MTEL Business (19): Practice & Study Guide, Quiz & Worksheet - Types of Physical Disabilities, Quiz & Worksheet - Mill's Utilitarianism Model in Business Ethics, Quiz & Worksheet - Decline Stage of the Product Life Cycle, Quiz & Worksheet - Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration, Cradle to Cradle: Definition, Summary & Design, What Is Dobutamine? Metonymy is the use of a linked term to stand in for an object or concept. 12:30, and “sleep” is a metonym for Lazarus’ death in John 11:11. Look for context clues in the sentence to help you decide if the word is simply a word or a representation. then you have heard examples of metonymy. (Klaus Krippendorff, The Semantic Turn. [8] For example, in the idiom "lead foot", meaning someone who drives fast, lead is a heavy substance, and a heavy foot on the accelerator pedal would cause a vehicle to go quickly. Also, it is a substitute concept for movies, movie theaters, etc. In fact, some consider synecdoche to be a type of metonymy. '"'I told you that. Synecdoche and metalepsis are considered specific types of metonymy. Metonymy enables writers to express a word or thought in a different way by using a closely related word or thought. I couldn’t understand them because they spoke in their mother tongue. “Mary decided she would let her husband be the heavy in giving out the children’s punishments.” In this case, “heavy” is a figure of speech for someone who is an enforcer or delivering unwelcome news. Metaphors served as a better means to attract the audience's attention because the audience had to read between the lines in order to get an understanding of what the speaker was trying to say. Greeting someone with: It's always nice to see a familiar face is a conventional metonymy because the word face actually refers to the person, but instead you are using that attribute in place of the word you. Latin scholars also had an influence on metonymy. A compound metonym--usually two or three words--can be readily distinguished from a compound metaphor by a definition that always begins one that, one who, those which, and is followed by a significant quality or attribute. Within logical polysemies, a large class of mappings may be considered to be a case of metonymic transfer (e.g., "chicken" for the bird, as well as its meat; "crown" for the object, as well as the institution).


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