Does it matter? Welcome Guest. redheadk Elder. 10 Celebrities Who Are SUPER Homophobic. Uncrustables are the fanciest thing you can eat lol. But we knew, even at the time, that the "spreadable cheese" was really "chemical mush." With the promise of cheddar cheesy delight gone, there was only one thing to do: Place a pretzel goldfish on your desk and smash it to bits with your fist. I had 3 kids and a colicky baby who didn't sleep...people can shut it about how I spend my time before 7:30am unless they have been in those shoes. I'm surprised Whole Foods hasn't jumped on this already. Totino's Pizza Rolls were extra terrible because they got your hopes so gosh darn high. They're about the furthest thing from a cookie that there has ever been, and they besmirched the good name of cookies for a while there. Even though I love peanut butter I never have it in the house, this way is just easier. I wouldn't look down on it at all since pb&j is generally a nutritious meal, although I haven't checked the ingredients. Uncrustables consist of peanut butter, some sort of fruit jam, and white bread. Gross profit describes a company's top line earnings; that is, its revenues less the direct costs of goods sold. The argument devolved into a shouting match and I thought that I'd post it on this sub! I would not approve. They are gross and a total ripoff. If you follow these rules, the Uncrusables will never let you down. I don't know why they would be, it's just a sandwich!! I eat uncrustables for breakfast a lot and I can conclude that they’re very mediocre when thawed, but absolutely divine when still frozen. Are uncrustables really frowned upon in school lunches? Bryan gives a frozen Uncrustable at least 10 minutes to thaw “because right out of the freezer it’s kind of a dental concern.” Are whole wheat uncrustables vegan? Serously, guys? The only place it's tolerable these days is melted on a grilled cheese sandwich, and even then, most of us have graduated to cheddar. Our favorite foods from a galaxy far far away. To be served with Manchego cheese flavored goldfish crackers and boxes of organic grape juice (since we can't served the wee ones boxes of riesling) Would you approve? Why is it not OK not to like Uncrustables? They weren't fooling anyone. How to you get into a shouting match about uncrustables, very strong preconceived notions about uncrustables. Some of these comments are hilarious. The teachers? They no longer taste good at that point. Or maybe one of those new technology edible wrappers. The bread was way too soft and punched down into some sort of a white bread pancake””the ratios were all wrong. How would the other parents even know what you are packing? The peanut butter consists of hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar, and other chemicals that allow the product to be preserved. AverageDad will have tech issues. I used to eat them frozen all the time as a kid. DD took one everyday when ds was brand new. The Bubble Jug was full of some sort of gum dust, which, when you poured it into your mouth, congealed into actual gum. I don't know why they would be, it's just a sandwich! I can make a pbj pretty quick! Now you know. “40% will develop diabetes in their life but 100% per cent of fat people are fucking gross.” “According to the CDC, ten of the 12 states with the highest type 2 diabetes rates are in the South. Who would be frowning upon them? Even at the time, we knew this was only sort of fruit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 0 2. Thinking about it makes me gag. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. "Well. The main reason I started eating them frozen was bc I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to unfreeze. The toys and snacks of our youth provided us with endless fun, entertainment and life-threatening danger. My kids eat pb&j most days. How many words is that so far, like a … Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. GROSS! DD took one everyday when ds was brand new. Cheese was not made to come out of a can. I think they just taste different; neither is better than the other. They don't taste the same as regular PBJ. Not only did it smell and taste terrible, but that pink and blue never failed to mix together into what can only be described as poop brown. How is it not easier to grab this out if the freezer? And while what you’re saying is true and I agree with that (Uncrustables are disgusting. I think they are gross, and would not give DD one. Welcome Guest. Don't give in to those late night cravings...unless you reach for one of these! Photo: Provident Films. In my girls' school, an uncrustable is available and is what they serve to a kid who doesn't pack a lunch and has no money on account to buy one. I love regular uncrustables. I really like the strawberry on whole wheat ones but those are super hard to find around here. You've always wondered how to get that perfectly buttered movie-theater popcorn. An apple has three times that much sugar, as do most fruits. That doesn't happen with Uncrustables. But as kids, we just accepted that it was. I honestly have no clue what other parents pack so whatever! If people are looking over their shoulder & judging they can keep it to themselves. Quote. WRONG. That fact doesn't get any less gross with time. I think only Target has that type here (when they have them in … Go-Gurt is responsible for so many yogurt-in-hair incidents it should be outlawed. It just didn't upset our ten-year-old iron stomachs yet, so we ate it with a vengeance. What even is an uncrustable. ), You are unhinged my man here’s an upvote :), it's better when the insides are still frozen but the bread has thawed, Enlighten me. Smucker's Uncrustables were great if you loved choking on peanut butter and getting way too much grape jelly squirted into your mouth at the same time. What is this, North Korea?! In English and related languages, several terms involving the words "great" or "gross" relate to numbers involving a multiple of exponents of twelve (): . They sure know a lot about comfort food. We tried so hard to experience the best Lunchables Pizza had to offer, but in the end, it was never enough. Why is it not OK not to like Uncrustables? Make your own sandwich, for Pete's sake. Our school is totally peanut free, but I can't imagine it would be an issue if we could send in PB. End of story. Fig Newtons aren't that bad. 17.9m members in the mildlyinteresting community. Please Login or Register. We inhaled SpaghettiOs. It makes the bread dry and gross. Once you popcorn, the fun don't stop-corn. Smucker's Uncrustables were great if you loved choking on peanut butter and getting way too much grape jelly squirted into your mouth at the same time. Facebook. #CrustAllTheWay. Uncrustables are the fanciest thing you can eat lol. It's a pre-made PBJ sandwich with the crusts cut off, and it comes in the freezer section. My kids won't eat them. Lunchables Pizza was responsible for schooling an entire generation of children in the art of dealing with disappointment. Sorry, that's the truth. Packing a lunch in general takes 5min but how many people rather not bother & buy their kid school lunch daily that costs more & in many cases is less healthy than a home made. Jump to. Lol I hope not! Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Unforgivable. Do not eat your Uncrustables if they have been outside of the freezer for more than twelve hours. Who cares what someone else thinks. Remember the good ol' days of unwrapping a Kraft single, folding it on itself several times, forming a cheese stack of impressive size, and biting into it like it was a chocolate truffle? The bread was way too soft and punched down into some sort of a white bread pancake””the ratios were all wrong. If you are really concerned, call the school and ask? I would imagine the fancier version would cost more too. Is the sugar reduced because it's replaced with something? Only if the sandwich wrapper is biodegradable and compostable. What if they made sunflower seed butter uncrustables,,,,,,


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