It’s important to read labels and use common sense because many “healthy” foods may still be high in sugar. High-fructose corn syrup is incorporated into a number of processed foods, including ketchup, cereal, crackers and salad dressings. An additional fructose source is crystalline fructose. It’s also good to know that 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon of table sugar. Fructose is a type of sugar known as a monosaccharide. In fact, excessive fructose intake is leading to many unhealthy symptoms we see today, including: Sugar can even mess with your heart health and lead to increased risk of Type 2 diabetes if your circadian rhythm is off because of patterns like eating late, shift work, or genetic changes. Fructose, a simple sugar with complex effects in the body — is in the forefront of health news. | ©Quicksilver Scientific, Inc, 2020, This website will offer limited functionality in this browser. About one in 20,000–30,000 people are born with HFI each year. Fructose is a type of sugar known as a monosaccharide, or a “single” sugar, like glucose. We only support the recent versions of major browsers like, Fructose doesn’t stimulate insulin secretion like glucose does. For instance, glucose plus fructose equals sucrose, also known as table sugar. Reading the nutrition labels of the foods you consume regularly can quickly help you understand just how much sugar is in your staples. Subscribe & Save 10% off + Free Shipping over $50. Unfortunately, sugar just isn’t good for us, but there are some that are better than others if you want to bake with them or sweeten your coffee or tea. Fructose is the sweetest naturally occurring carbohydrate and is 1.2–1.8 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). Fructose doesn’t stimulate insulin secretion like glucose does. When consumed in high amounts, without the balancing fiber from fruits and vegetables, fructose can put stress on the liver and lead to low-density lipoproteins that may contribute to, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity. Fructose also occurs naturally in abundance in fruits (Table 1) and in lesser amounts in tuberous vegetables such as onions and potatoes.These sources alone contribute some 40–60% of an individual's total fructose intake. Fructose is a simple carbohydrate, or single sugar, found in many plants. Pure fructose is produced commercially from corn or sucrose into a crystalline form for use as an ingredient in packaged foods and beverages. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Like other sugars, fructose provides four calories per gram. Only one sugar group comprises monosaccharides, and the body cannot break it down any further. It also occurs naturally in other plant foods such as honey, sugar beets, sugar cane and vegetables. This sweetener is a nearly equal combination of glucose and fructose, which is used to sweeten foods. Fructose is a monosaccharide. There are many different types of sugars, some of which are more common than others. But glucose, the most common monosaccharide found in nature, is preferable to the super-sweet fructose because it triggers the pancreas to release insulin, which affects blood-sugar levels. This has led to some debate among nutrition scientists about fructose’s role in health. Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar in fruits and honey, and it can be added to foods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup to increase their sweet taste. What Are the Health Concerns. Like glucose, fructose sugar is a type of simple sugar, or monosaccharide, which means it can act as a reducing sugar. According to the American Dietetic Association, more and more experts are agreeing fructose does not cause obesity any more than overeating any other carbohydrate or sugar. As much as possible, avoid foods high in fructose. Look for minimally processed sugars with a low glycemic score, which indicates they won’t cause your insulin levels to spike. Extra insulin that’s not taken into the cell can then be used as fuel (stored as glycogen) in muscles and fat. When you sprinkle sugar in your morning cup of coffee or over your latest batch of cookies, your probably aren't thinking about its many forms. Fructose is naturally present in several foods, such as … In fact, fructose is the sweetest naturally occurring carbohydrate. Fructose is a natural, simple sugar that is 1.2 times sweeter than table sugar or sucrose, according to the American Dietetic Association. In nature, fructose is most often found as part of sucrose. Keep those packaged and processed foods to a minimum by shopping the outer aisles of your grocery store. Shoot to keep fructose from natural food sources below 50 grams a day and avoid processed foods as much as possible to keep those hidden sugars in check. Most sugars are metabolized by the body in similar ways. What Are Sirtuins and How Do They Support Healthy Aging. People with fructose intolerance and fructose malabsorption may need to avoid foods high in fructose. The liver frequently turns this fructose into triglycerides, a form of fat that can damage the liver and is associated with greater risk for heart disease. Additionally, fructose is processed (and stored) in the liver. Fructose, also known as levulose or D-fructose, is found on its own in many food sources, or paired with other simple sugars in some ingredients. Most of the fructose we consume is in the form of sucrose and high fructose corn syrup. However, it also occurs naturally in honey, wheat and some vegetables. What you should know. You may also hear the term crystalline fructose. But since none of us are perfect, here’s a list of fructose-laden foods you should consider eliminating or eating in moderation: The problem is fructose also shows up on labels as high-fructose corn syrup and other covert names like sucrose. It is considered a natural sugar when we consume it directly from whole plant foods. It is considered an added sugar when we consume it from packaged foods and beverages to which fructose-containing sugars (such as crystalline fructose, high fructose corn syrup or sucrose) have been added during manufacturing.


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