Some things still a little off but nothing substantial. I was tested for flu, strep 3x, mono and nothing showed up. I was prescribed liquid hydrocodone and even after taking that I could barely open my mouth . It sounds gross, but you can find some much needed variety in your diet that way, and thin/watery spit is much easier to manage! I am a 37 year old Mom of two kids in Birmingham, Alabama who works from home (as an accountant) and blogs on two different sites. Best foods – mashed potatoes, mashed lentil stew. But I’d like to have SOME food in my tummy before then, lol. This is the first day I feel like I can tolerate pain with no medication. I cant taste the sweetness properly or it tastes bitter. Many adults will go through the same experience, as the surgery can be risky, and recovery is quite painful. The doctor will provide you with preoperative instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. Unfortunately you or your child will be badly sore for quite a few days, but almost all are back to near normal by day 14. After a day of steroids I could drink without shooting pains:) than slowly even my voice started to come back. My gag reflux is iron clad, except when it’s not. Swallowing hurts a lot even with pain pills. Im on day 9 and i have to say day 4-7 was the worst. I’m a 28 year old female who just had my tonsils and adenoids removed today. Recovery From Tonsillectomy And Adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy safety: Removal of the tonsils, Esophageal cancer prognosis after surgery, Oral surgery: Healing after extractions and tooth removal, The healing power of a great night's sleep, Tonsillitis, Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy and possible side effects. I lived on ice chips and Popsicles. This is the best ive felt, but the yawning and sneezing are a killer… i saw a little blood today but assume it’s only from the scabs falling off. I was to sell my prints and give the profits to The Wellhouse, a ministry dedicated to the rescue and recovery of people from Sex Trafficking. Also, ice cream is always amazing ;) good luck!!! My poor husband had to deal with my emotions for all this time. I am a water-only gal until further notice. This has been a great forum to read. Did you ever have any lingering issues post recovery and did anything scary happen during recovery? Forgot to add that I am 24 and was 24 at the time. Reading this was so helpful. Have an pneumonia numerous times as well as bronchitis and lung infections. The Recovery:Day of: Right after surgery I went home and just kept sucking on ice. I had an adenotonsillectomy on 2.12.17 due to severe sleep apnoea. Just like you said, the mornings and nights are worse. I’m taking 2 Percocet every 6 hours and now also tramadol every 6 and still in lots of pain. My son had his out the day after you. – If you suffer from hayfever, make sure you take your allergy meds to avoid sneezing. All Friday night I suffered trying to keep an airway open and all the hospital staff were scared to help me since they wanted the ENT to do a review in the morning. You can always start out with your one month free trial if you don’t already have it. My Dr prescribed liquid Tylenol 3 w/codeine, a 7 day steroid pack, an antibiotic and a mouth swish they refer to as a magic mix. Unfortunately I’m reading your post too late to help you, but maybe other readers would like to know that phenergan is available in liquid form. Coughing and feel like something is scratched in my throat I have no clue. Hang on in there if you are recovering or awaiting the op. Happily, we rarely need to readmit patients for intravenous rehydration (with IV pain relief). Hi I am 38 years old and I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on March 20th. Very painful indeed. Makes my mouth water. I’m hoping this page will have prepared me.. I just played animal crossing, watched the X-Files and dozed and a drug addled state. The worst? First night in the hospital was awful, I had reaction to pain meds and anastetic which made me to throw up all night:/ that was The longest night of my life:( after I was discharged I was Ok on pain level 3/4. From the perspective of years, I do remember that it hurt A LOT, but the actual pain memory has decreased! My scabs formed quickly and by day 4, I was eating very soft macaroni and cheese once a day then gargling with salt water afterwards and his helped my scabs come off in small amounts. Cover the couch with layers of easy-to-wash blankets – there will be days of fever sweats 20. First week of chemo and rads is done, 5 more to go. Stay on top of your meds. I am four Months post tonsillectomy and i still can feel the scar tissue that has been in my throat since my surgery. For a while after that, I wore the smallest size I have ever worn in my life. I have many pictures of my fabulous progression of throat scabs that you don’t want to see. My scabs are just starting to flake. Its really nice knowing I’m not alone. During the whole recovery, I never found myself writhing about in pain that I couldn’t handle. So far I’m regretting my decision to have them out, and will continue to until the pain is gone :(, Hi..i had my tonsils removed when i was 18..i am 48 now but when i get a cold or flu it feels like i just had them is painful to this normal. I hope! I can’t imagine actually remembering the pain vividly like every adult. I’ve only lost 3 or 4 pounds so far which is pretty good, I don’t want to lose weight. MY SAVOURY TASTE IS BACK 7 weeks after Tonsillectomy ! I’m no doctor, so I can’t say what’s definitely good and bad to eat, but if you’re struggling to get anything down the hatch at all, I’d suggest softer food and a check-up to make sure you’re healing properly. Avoid hard/crunchy foods at all costs. Please contact me if the pain reverses course and worsens again: this is unusual and may indicate tonsil bed infection (thankfully rare), A significant portion of patients will experience earache. My husband started feeding me real food by day 5. I’m weak. The ENT removed a large clot from my tonsil site and recauterized it. 14. I would love your experienced thoughts! Also mop the floors, spray squirt bottle, boil big pots of water (use back burner and tilt lid to aim the steam), keep your hair or a neck scarf wet, hang wet blankets in front of fan, set a tea kettle on a wood stove, or buy a clean humidifier and sterilize it 21. I am still having swelling on and off but mostly on… the only things I eat are mac and cheese and soup and I drink slim fast… If I eat talk or drink ice caps I feel that my throat swells… Has anyone else had this issue? Your tonsils CAN grow back. All food tastes like carburetor after a tonsillectomy.


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